6 Things To Think About When Having an Agency Build Your Web site

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1. First Web site Impressions are Key

  • It only takes one tenth of a second for potential customers visiting your web site to form an opinion of your company
  • A well designed website gives those potential customers a good first impression
  • A website with a good design and that is easy to navigate entices visitors to stay on your web site

2. Leave it to the Pros

  • Creating a website nowadays is easy, creating a well designed website is not
  • It is much better to leave it to the pros
  • Web design agencies like CM2 Media have designed hundreds of websites
  • We have an eye for design and have lots of experience creating responsive and creative web sites, for many different companies in many different industries

3. Converts

A good website will help to convert visitors into customers.
Since agencies have a lot of experience they know what design elements can influence the behaviour and actions of a website visitor

Web design companies/agencies will design your web site to have these attributes:

C- all to actions are clear
O- ffers
N- arrow focus
V- IA (Very important attributes)
E- ffective headlines
R- esolution- savy layout
T- idy visuals
S- ocial proof

4. Responsive Web Design

  • Your customers will be trying to access your website from different devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) and not just a computer
  • Having a professional create your website will ensure your website will fit any screen and be mobile friendly because it will have a responsive web design

To learn more about RWD read our blog “Responsive Web Design is a Must for Your Business” here: https://cm2media.ca/responsive-web-design-is-a-must-for-your-business/

5. Better Customer User Experience

  • The goal of a company web site is to provide customers with information about your product or service and encourage visitors to become your customers
  • A company web site needs to have an excellent user experience
  • Your customers need to be able to easily navigate throughout your site and find what they are looking for quickly or they will move onto another site

6. Stress Free

  • Having a professional design and maintain your website will take a huge weight off of your shoulders
  • You can rely on businesses like CM2 Media to understand your business and your needs and create the website you want
  • Having an agency maintain your web site for you allows for more time in your day for more important things like your customers and your business

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