What is Branding and How Will it Impact your Business?

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What is Branding/Why is it Important?

This blog will give you everything you need to start branding your business! Branding is a marketing strategy businesses (even small businesses) use to differentiate themselves against competition. Branding is what your business is promising to give its customers. It helps to establish a presence in the consumer’s minds. This will help you to attract potential customers and keep existing customers. Branding represents who your brand is, who you want to be and what people perceive you to be.

How to Start Branding:

The first step is to define your brand by answering these simple questions:

  1. What is your company’s mission?
  2. What benefits does your product or service provide?
  3. What do your current customers/ potential customers currently think of your company?
  4. What qualities do you want people to associate your business with?
  5. How do you add value to your customers?
  6. How do you communicate with current and potential customers?

The second step is to start creating your brand by:

  1. Create a logo- choose symbols, letters and colours that accompany your business
  2. Brand attributes- what key messages does your brand want to communicate to its customers
  3. Consistency- everything must remain the same from all touch points (delivery, communication with customers, social media, store design, website, etc.)
  4. Mission statement- create a mission statement to help keep consistency, it must be short and explain what your brand believes in and what your company values are
  5. Create a voice- how will you and/or your employees communicate with your customers? Is your brand friendly? Serious? Formal/Informal?
  6. Create a slogan- a slogan will automatically associate with your brand when you hear/see “eat fresh” you automatically think of subway or “I’m lovin’ it” you recognize McDonald’s right away
  7. Deliver- You must always deliver what you promise to your customers or they will not return

Why You Need to Brand Your Business:

The most important rule of branding is to remain consistent with every aspect of your business. If you aren’t consistent you cannot effectively brand your business. Branding is very important because it will differentiate your business from the competition. Branding will make your business consistent with all customers. It helps to create the business environment you provide and will make your company recognizable and stay in the minds of consumers.



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