Bringing A Marketing Agency To The Table: Feasting on Expertise

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“Bringing our Marketing Agency to the table is about bringing experience, creativity, and know-how to your marketing objectives.”

Ask Martha Stewart and she’ll tell you: one of the most important elements of tabling a successful feast is choosing a theme and working it into the details. We at CM2 Media also hold with the notion that marketing your brand with consistent look, tone, and objective is a necessary element of a successful marketing campaign.

Bringing our Marketing Agency to the table is about bringing experience, creativity, and know-how to your marketing objectives. The marketplace is a fast-paced, fickle, and complex machine. There are a spectrum of ever-changing tasks that require technical industry knowledge, tested labourers, and professional finishes. And what we know will help your company grow.

Here are a few of our skills, on which your business and clientele may feast:

Knowing how to cook – We are experienced.

It is comforting to know there is a competent Chef in the kitchen, when sitting down to a feast. CM2 Media is a team of experts, covering specialities like: Website Design, PR, Research & Analysis, Graphic Design, Coding/SEO Management, Writing, Video & Imagery Creation. We excel at cooking up campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses that require a marketing team to manage creative solutions and customer engagement. Our portfolio of happy clientele has relied heavily on listening to our customer’s objectives and developing a strategy that is consistently implemented across complementary multimedia platforms.

Knowing how to plate – We are savvy.

After a honest discussion about your needs and our marketing services, you will know that our cooks know their way around the kitchen. This is where we show you how intrinsically we plate your feast. With branding look, tone, and objective decided upon, we implement our strategy uniformly on platforms that prove the most effective for your industry or your target demographic. Like the website and social media we can create and manage for your company, our services act as a form of 24 hour business storefront. Our agency will continually monitor your marketing campaign to test results, make adjustments, and stay on top of the labour required to maintain your spaces and events. Like making a swan out of your serviette, the wow factor is in the details. CM2 Media is full of tested tricks and creative solutions to meet your objectives and stand out from your competitors.

Knowing how to cater to your guests – We help you grow.

A great feast requires happy and engaged guests. Through experience, research, and analysis our agency knows how to invite and feed the right clientele for your business. Being able to reach and interact with a targeted demographic drastically increases sales conversion and customer retention. Through tested industry approaches and manipulation of the Sales Marketing Funnel (take a trip into the Funnel to learn more here: Developing Leads) we will generate traffic for your business, convert prospects, generate leads, and acquire customers. Through tone, look, and consistent objective, CM2 Media will maximize the effect of incepting potential customers with your business’s services.

Knowing how to create a rich experience affordably – We help your reach your goals.

When dining on the services of our Marketing Agency, our job is not complete until there is a table full of happy faces and full bellies. We strive to be as personable and as available to you as would be your own in-house marketing team, but with the versatility and expertise of a seasoned kitchen crew. A marketing agency is accountable for predictions, follow through, and results in a way that in-house teams tend to be limited. While we will only work the budget you are comfortable setting, the income generated from our solid marketing strategies will outpace what you have put it. Add that to the discounts we can pass along from our partnerships with suppliers – Canada Post, print houses, magazines, digital conglomerates – and hiring CM2 Media becomes a downright affordable deal.

You are the Host and we are the hired help.

Allow us to focus on all the behind the scenes necessities in our Agency kitchen, so you can focus your attention on what you do best – providing a strong service and hosting your customer base. We will save you the time and effort necessary to create your marketing strategies (select the recipes), put together the platforms (do the cooking), manage the effectiveness of the campaign (plate the meal), engage and retain your target demographic (cater to your guest list).

Trust CM2 Media to listen to your marketing objectives and give your business all the time it deserves. Feast on our expertise while you host the hottest dinner party in the marketplace. Contact us today!

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