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“Hiring a Marketing Agency will free up time for you to build your business and reach your goals”

Marketing strategies are an elegant and elaborate partnership between your company and an agency and between a multitude of platforms and your marketing goals. Follow the pathway of this Client-Agency Collaboration Work Flow Chart for a better understanding of the processes and checkpoints a Marketing Agency professionally manages to help your company reach its objectives.

An Agency comes equipped with a team of professional writers, designers, art directors, creative directors, web developers, business and marketing strategists, media planners, photographers, and videographers. In addition to their skills and qualifications, an Agency’s team brings with them a plethora of experience with obstacles and pitfalls.

At CM2 Media, we have taken note of some basic ways in which our Digital Marketing Agency has redirected our clients towards success. Here are a few common situations we have reworked with our customers in order to tighten their marketing strategies for greater effect:

Ensuring Your Employees Are In the Know

Situation: A customer walks into a storefront and asks about an item in-store vs. on the company website. The employee is unaware that the company is currently showcasing the item on their website, and it has been discounted online for a set number of days. This information was easily ascertained by the client before entering the store, and they, who knows more about the promotion than the employee. The customer loses confidence in the brand and in the employee’s ability to adequately service their request.

Resolution: A Marketing Agency will take the time to ensure that marketing strategies are laid out in a comprehensive plan, showing the connections to each platform. All points of human contact should be aware of each element of the company’s action plan. If there is a sale, employees in-store should be ready with detailed information for the customer. The employee should be able to direct clients to various company platforms as easily as they would direct clients to another area of the store. By ensuring staff is aware of the big picture marketing plan, they help create a sense of cohesion between all of your business’s platforms. Cohesion strengthens your brand, improving the public’s confidence in your company as an authority.

Ensuring Your Brand is Synthesized Across Platforms

Situation: A potential customer has been in your storefront once. At a later date they try to find your company online, but cannot remember your business’s name. Your website looks cool but does utilize the same colour and branding as the storefront. The customer is confused and moves on to one of the other search results.

Resolution: One of the most important elements of a strong marketing campaign is Brand Synthesis. Consistency in appearance, tone, and objective across all platforms is an elementary way to establish your brand and ensure you are easily recognizable to past and potential customers. People respond positively to familiarity, both visually and in as an intangible feeling. An Agency will ensure that your website design compliments your storefront design, your social media posts match your email’s tone, and your employee’s pitches match your company’s mandate. Through a clear message and consistent presence, your business becomes more memorable and your brand takes on more authority.

Ensuring Your Digital Presence Works To Your Advantage

Situation: Your company has purchased an email list and has been sending out random emails to a random group of individuals. There are no tracking reports to show if the emails are being read, if the internal links are being clicked, or if the tactic has resulted in any sales conversions. Having little strategy behind the process, most of your communication – and your efforts – are actually landing in the junk box.

Resolution: There are tools specific to every industry, best implemented by professionals trained in their use. The Marketing industry is no different. An Agency is equipped with a process for tracking trends, measuring effectiveness, and monitoring customer interactions. In the instance of email strategies, a competent Digital Marketing Agency will obtain contact lists for your business’s targeted demographics to improve lead generation efficiently. They will track how your communications are received and how individuals interact with them: Do they open the email? Do they click on the link to your website? Do they purchase anything from your online store? Be researching these questions, an Agency is able to adjust its approach to optimize results. In the same way, an Agency will address the approach and effectiveness of each of your digital platforms.

By putting in the time and effort to address marketing strategies as a cohesive campaign, a Digital Marketing Agency will help your business and brand stand with confidence as a leader in your industry. We have the resources and professionals to meet your marketing objectives, so you are free to build your business and focus on servicing your clientele.

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