Why Your Business Should Network With Social Media

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Social media platforms are networks

  • By launching your business on any given platform, you have immediate access to the already established web of potential customers who have sign up for that specific network.
  • By learning to manipulate the individual threads that make up the fabric of each network, you can maximize the effects of your marketing strategy by getting a constant read on its successes and failures in real time.
  • By tailoring messages for different demographics within these networks, you maximize the reception for existing and potential clientele without shaking down the rest of the populus with unwanted noise.
  • By what means, specifically, can social media benefit your company?

Testing grounds and experimentation.

Because social media is not a pay-per-post type venture, there is ample opportunity to try out different strategies. Interested in diversifying your message to appeal to different demographics? Want to try a few approaches separately *and* simultaneously? You can do it all on social media platforms. Depending on your goals, you can use a bullhorn to inform the masses or a tap on the shoulder to engage with just one person, by simply experimenting with customer engagement methods.

Quick and easy adjustments.

Discover that the message isn’t getting across the way you had hoped? Or maybe your message can benefit from a slight edit. Alterations and adjustments are only a click away on social media. Tailoring a message to tighten it up or add a bit of flare only takes a bit of time and attentiveness, as opposed to the more cumbersome process of remanufacturing or reproducing an entire print or video campaign.

Assess the successes and failures of your industry.

The internet is a big, organic archiving machine. It is easy to research your industry on any given platform by browsing your competitor’s profiles and interactions or by studying keywords associated with your business. Popular social media content is easily identifiable through the quantity of shares, likes, links, mentions, and hashtags. By studying the commonalities of the success and failures on each platform, a marketing agency will formulate a Social Media plan of action that compliments your advertising goals.

Give info instantly and gain instant feedback.

For better or worse the internet is full of opinions. Both the statement and response is instant with social media. Your communications reach its audience immediately, and their reactions are volleyed right back to you. Want to know details about those who treasure your services and those who are trolling your services? Engaging with potential clientele in a public setting allows you to learn from your customers’ perspectives while keeping the conversation on your business.

Create a dialogue with existing and potential customers.

Social media allows for a back and forth exchange that is not available through traditional marketing means. Once your message is out, not only can your audience give direct feedback, but you are able to follow-up with them in a public and unobtrusive manner. Often these dialogues allow further opportunity to educate about your services and to meet the needs of your customers.

Tailor and Track.

Each social media platform has tools for tracking and reporting helpful marketing information. Agencies are practiced at using this data to research and maximize a marketing strategy that fits your business’s goals. Want to send out three different messages to three separate groups of people? You can. Want to find out how that message was received by each group? You can. Want to know the actions taken by everyone involved? You can do it all through social media reporting tools.

Know your audience and learn more about them.

These social media platforms also gather the type of data that will determine how different demographics engage with your company. What elements of a campaign are resonanting or falling flat with which demographics is valuable information for optimizing the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. By learning what your existing and potential audiences interact with on social media platforms – through likes, shares, reblogging, reposting, commenting, replying, links, and hashtags – companies can improve upon and expand the ways in which they positively interact with their customers.

Increase traffic to your site and become an authority.

Each platform is a vehicle for a whole new audience. Anytime your business is lent credence through a share, like, link, etc. it establishes your company as an authority in its field and generally increases your presence on the internet.(Want to learn more about how to build your online authority and presence online? Read up on some basics of SEO Marketing, HERE.)

Utilizing Social Media in your business marketing plan has a number of benefits, if you work with an agency that knows how to maneuver within the networks. In the modern world there is a wealth of knowledge and potential clientele available to businesses through social media. Interacting with these markets will only increase brand awareness,

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