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Social Media Campaigns – Why spend time and money on them?

On a free platform like Social Media, there are tested approaches and there is guesswork. The average amateur toying with marketing strategies for their business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Vine, or Snapchat may not lose money in their attempts, but they are apt to spend a lot of time on the venture and not likely to make a lot of money in the process. But, in business, time is money. Taking a measured and professional approach to this platform to market your brand will make these strategies work to your advantage and not (as is possible) to your detriment. (Read up on the benefits of a strong Social Media Campaign presence in the Cm2 Media article: Why Your Business Should Network With Social Media.)

These are the 5 most frequent reasons why people follow brands on social media:

  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Latest Product Information
  • Customer Services
  • Entertaining Content
  • Feedback – in both directions
    Building Social Media Campaigns that play up all of these points is the best way to optimize your online presence.

    Fast Talk – Instant Communication

    Two of these reasons – Customer Service and Feedback opportunities – require time and engagement with customers on behalf of the business. With the instant accessibility the internet affords companies and consumers alike, timely interactions are a necessity. If a potential client looks for customer service or avenues for feedback from your business online, and the reply is not a quick turnaround, they can (and often will) click over to another source to answer their inquiry in the moment.

    Notifications and monitoring tool become indispensable to a brand’s reputation for timely responses. Setting up an action plan with an experienced Digital Marketing Agency will lay the framework for creating, managing, and responding to the demands for instant communication on social media between your business and clientele.

    Crafting Content – Social Media Rule of Thirds

    Before getting to the dialogue with your customer-base, brands must first draw the audience in with Entertaining Content. (Learn more about content strategies with Cm2 Media’s article, “Social Media Content Strategy: Creation, Curation, Circulation”.) Digital Marketing Agencies are likely to enlist the Social Media Rule of Thirds when helping your business build up your online output. The rule breaks down your content as follows:

  • ⅓ output – focusing on your brand and experiences
  • ⅓ output – sharing other’s content
  • ⅓ output – sharing relevant info/innovations related to your business/industry
    There is a formula and innumerable reports showing this breakdown to be the most effective in creating a formidable online presence.

    Special Offers – Highlighting Your Goods

    If your content is made to lure potential customers to your online space, your brand’s offerings are what will convert the leads into sales.The two remaining reasons on the top 5 list of reasons people follow brands on social media – Latest Product Information and Promotions and Discounts – are derived from your Marketing Strategy as a whole. Working with an Agency to build a comprehensive marketing plan, spanning all relevant platforms is key to an effective campaign.

    [row] [two_thirds_column]74% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase. Any and all product info, promotions, discounts, events, and contests she be endorsed through your brand’s online platforms. If a majority of people look to social media before buying, not only do you want to have a presence on the relevant platforms, but you want that presence to establish your business as an authority. (A Digital Marketing Agency has the insider knowledge to create and reach your online goals.)
    [/two_thirds_column] [third_column][simple_graph text=”74% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase.” percentage=”74″ width=”150″ height=”150″ first_color=”#ff0a0a” second_color=”#000000″ class=”alignright”][/simple_graph][/third_column] [/row]

    Reports & Research – Platform Education – How do they interact on your Social Media Campaigns?

    The accessibility of research and reports that show how your brand is benefiting from or being negatively affected by your online strategy is most effectively disseminated by an Agency. Digital Marketers utilizing Facebook (and it’s marketing tool, Facebook Insights), for example, will analyze key metrics like:

  • paid reach
  • actions
  • photo clicks
  • page likes
  • post clicks
    In tracking this data, an Agency will adjust your strategies to maximize the monetary potential and interactivity on this particular Social Media Platform. Twitter, on the other hand, will have a different set of analytics for marketers to manipulate. Take for example, the platform’s ability to broadcast individual messages based on:

  • Location (Geo-Targeting)
  • Language
  • Gender
    People who like your business or Friends of those people or “Look-a-Like” audiences (people who have things in common with your current customers)

    Social Butterflies – Enlisting a Digital Marketing Agency for your Social Media Campaigns

    Social Media is technically a “free” platform. It costs nothing to login and start a profile. But if your online presence comes off as amateurish, or if your profile is not kept relevant and up-to-date, it can cost your brand attention and consumer confidence. Build a poor profile, receive a poor response.

    We love doing Social Media Campaigns for businesses of all sizes!

    Cm2 Media is experienced at creating an online image for your brand that will build your customer-base, convert passive attention to leads, and leads to sales. We specialize in Social Media Campaigns Management, Custom Content, Multi-platform Strategies, Contests, Events, Coupons, Promotions, and overall Brand Building. Contact us to capitalize on your business’s social status on Social Media.

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