Canada’s Walk of Fame

Honouring extraordinary Canadians.

Photo by George Pimentel for Canada’s Walk of Fame

Canada’s Walk of Fame is a Toronto-based, not-for-profit organization that promotes a nation-wide culture of excellence in Canada.

They are passionate about building on their #CanadaThrives message, rallying Canadians around the power of our potential and celebrating our country’s greatest achievers. Throughout the year, they host several events across the country to celebrate Canadian achievement.

Branding by RSI rudin strategy + innovation

The Challenge

CWOF (Canada’s Walk of Fame) approached CM2 Media and project partners RSI Rudin strategy + innovation and MZANI design, with a need to rebrand their organization from top to bottom. Their original request included 4 key areas:
  1. Develop a new logo
  2. Establish a new brand positioning, content, copy and brand blueprint
  3. 20th Anniversary branding
  4. Build and launch a new website
Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville
Branding by RSI rudin strategy + innovation

The Cm2 Plan

After conducting a thorough needs analysis, Cm2 and RSI recommended a plan that included:

  • A series of collaborative branding workshops to flesh out a new brand positioning
  • A full content strategy for the CWOF website and social media channels
  • A complete logo and website redesign
  • A full event marketing plan including videography, photography, and content
  • A robust SEM plan
Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville
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Photo by George Pimentel for Canada’s Walk of Fame
Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

Our plan began with the branding and content strategy execution. Our team facilitated several brand workshop sessions and interviews with employees and other key stakeholders. With that, our designers produced logo variations for the CWOF team to choose from and this process resulted in landing the icon new CWOF logo, 20th Anniversary logos, a full brand standards guide, a brand blueprint and content plan.

For the website, our team produced a clean, modern app-like design that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate. CWOF events, media, galleries, promotions and information are provided with an intuitive, User Experience first approach.

The social media plan kicked into gear with the CWOF 20th Anniversary Awards Show and Gala. Cm2 Media fielded 3 separate video teams to gather interview footage, backstage shots and captured several incredible, moving moments. Since then, our team has been present at most CWOF events since, capturing more footage to tell the story of Canadian Excellence.

Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

The Results

100 %
Increase in traffic
100 %
Instagram growth
100 %
Post engagement increase

Audience and stakeholder feedback can make a powerful statement. Cm2 Media and our partners’ work was acknowledged in terms of the new branding and the quality of the social media work since.

From a metrics standpoint, website traffic has increased by 522% since launch and has increased another 253% over the first half-year since launch. Our social media program has shown growth of 346% on Instagram and 312% on Twitter. Our post engagement across all platforms has grown by over 2,500%!

Reflections on this project

What started out as a call for a new logo and branding has turned out to be a long-standing relationship between Canada’s Walk of Fame and Cm2 Media. The team at CWOF have been terrific partners. They welcome and encourage new ideas and are always looking ahead to bigger and brighter opportunities.