Real Real-Estate

Empowering Canadian real estate agents.

Having spent years in real-estate, David Murray Hume recognized that, as an industry, real-estate lacked effective digital tools for agents to help them properly serve their clients.

Seeing the opportunity, he launched Real Real-Estate as a business venture to provide online tools and services to agents and brokerages in the Ontario real estate industry.

Despite approaching a number of digital agencies, David initially was unable to find a partner that could help him realize his vision. After doing an online search, David came upon Cm2 Media, contacted us, and with a series of consultations, Cm2 Media was awarded the job.

Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

The Challenge

The original RRE request included creating a web application to support real estate agents:

  • Arm agents to communicate more effectively internally and with current and potential clients
  • Create a workspace environment with training materials, reports, messaging tools
  • Be intuitive and user-friendly across all devices, mobile & desktop
  • Effectively introduce truly usable technology in a category known to be slow to adopt new tools

The Cm2 Plan

After conducting a thorough needs analysis, Cm2 Media recommended a plan that included a suite of digital tools that cover a number of realtor use cases:

  • A web application platform to be used as an online team hub, including features for internal & client communications, messaging, appointment bookings, realtor forms, reports, marketing materials, a news feed, & training videos
  • A stripped-down, simple-to-use property listings app for use by agents while in the field, allowing them and their clients to view listings – including recently sold properties – within a radius of where they are located
  • A tool allowing for the simple creation and deployment of pre-determined website templates for participating agents

Working closely with David, the development of the web applications evolved through a series of iterations, testing, & learning. With David’s experience in the industry and keeping true to his vision of digital tools that agents will use, allowed us to refine the applications and market them.

Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville
Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville
Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

The Results

As a new business start-up, David Murray Hume successfully licensed the applications with clients that are now using them regularly. The feedback he has received has been excellent and resulted in interest from several new prospects.

While we continue to work with David and his clients in continuing to iterate their applications, Cm2 Media also provides an ongoing role of software management and maintenance, ensuring our client’s customers have confidence in the tools they are using to drive their business.

Reflections on this project

What started as David’s vision creating digital tools for real estate agents, Cm2 Media was able to deliver through our collaboration, skill, and commitment. The ongoing relationship we’ve built with David and his growing team continues to expand in scope with a product roadmap that we are excited to help bring to market and evolve with.