TIVA Building Products

Premium outdoor decking material.

TIVA Building Products is an Oakville based high-end PVC deck and dock board manufacturer that distributes in Canada and the United States.

TIVA was developed by Deck Store founder and owner Terry Fangrad with a vision to bring a high-end deck and dock board to market with the contractor in mind. TIVA has formed Team TIVA, their contractor support program, to assist contractors throughout their building process. TIVA products are easy to work with and feature a 50-year fade and stain warranty.

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The Challenge

TIVA Building Products was rapidly taking off within the decking industry. They needed a brand strategy in place to support their growth and help differentiate TIVA from their competitors.

Their original request included 4 key areas:

  • Logo refresh
  • Establish a brand refresh, including positioning, content, copy, brand standards guide, an updated logo and brand blueprint
  • New website
  • Digital Marketing plan
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The Cm2 Plan

After conducting a thorough needs analysis, Cm2 recommended a plan that included:

  1. Branding exercises to flesh out a revised logo and content plan
  2. Full Content Strategy for their Website and Social Media channels, featuring original photography and video
  3. Website redesign
  4. Social media marketing plan including videography, photography, content and event coverage
  5. Redesign all brochures, banners, POS materials, business cards, trade show materials and backdrops
  6. A robust set of SEM strategies for Canada and the United States
  7. A full SEO plan for Canada and the United States
Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

Our process involved exploratory sessions conducted with company stakeholders, including one-on-one interviews, and a final session to hash out their target audience, priority markets, and a high-level messaging approach. The exercises concluded with a brand blueprint that served as the roadmap for all of TIVA’s internal and external communications.

Our learnings from the branding exercise gave us a full understanding of what was needed for TIVA’s website as well as their logo. For the website, our team produced a clean, modern, mobile-friendly & intuitive experience. With features for both the consumer and professional contractor, the new website, along with a refreshed logo, has helped elevate TIVA’s brand through Canada and the United States.

Video represented a foundational component to TIVA’s content plan. For TIVA’s ABOUT US video, our team aligned the key TIVA members for interviews, action shots, and footage contractors using the product. The About Us video is a focal point of the website and set the tone for TIVA’s social media program.

As in part with any social media program we provide, content is key. TIVA has great stories to tell and we needed to gather as many assets as possible. New videos are continuously shot including interviews with TIVA stakeholders, the TEAM TIVA contractor video, and ongoing photos and videos of new decks, docks, and testimonials. SEO and SEM have been a large part of growth for the TIVA brand. Cm2 Media’s competitive analysis paved the way to a greater understanding of the decking industry and the competition. Our ongoing work is giving TIVA greater exposure in key markets within Canada and the United States.

Redesigning all print and promotional materials was a necessity. Cm2 Media picked out which materials to start with and took a top-down approach to recreating all brand assets. All of this was done with new photography and custom written copy from our brand blueprint.

Cm2 Media Digital Marketing Burlington Oakville

The Results

100 %
increase in website traffic in month 1
100 %
social media growth on Instagram
100 %
Increase in social media post engagement

TIVA’s new branding has been a pivotal part of their success. With the new brand on display at their first major conference, comments from other industry participants included: “You guys look and feel like you have been at this for years” and “Well done TIVA, not only do you have a great product, but your marketing is top-notch.”

After launching their new website, traffic increased by 405% after their first month and continued to demonstrate increases of 337% from months 2-6 of the program.

TIVA’s social media campaign has shown growth of 509% on Instagram. New pages set up on Facebook & LinkedIn have contributed to TIVA’s social media growth with post engagement across all platforms growing by over 250% month over month.

Anecdotally, senior company executives continually comment on how effective TIVA’s new brand has been in attracting new hires, new contractors and achieving an overall consistency with their communications.

Reflections on this project

Having great relationships with clients makes our job so much easier. From the first meeting we had with TIVA we knew there would be mutual trust and a basis for real collaboration. This family built business follows principles that match our own. Our teamwork and comradery have made this brand grow exponentially. We’re thrilled to continue to do great work for a fantastic client!