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Localized Marketing: Getting Google to Get Googled

(Part II) Localized Marketing: Getting Google to Get Googled In part one of our blog on Localized Marketing: Creating a Complementary Base With Storefronts & Websites, Cm2 Media covered the importance of having your advertising and…

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Results-Based Websites for Small Business

Are your websites bringing in new business regularly? Technically, your websites are based on only two numbers – the binary digits, one and zero. But in the real world, your small business’s website needs to generate…

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Video Marketing: Trending Towards Success

Video Marketing: 10 seconds of attention If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. With the infinite amount of information at our finger tips, video content has become an…

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Print Media: New Take on an Old Medium

Print Media is not dead There is a great deal of talk about Print Media being dead. To a great marketing agency, these mumblings can be advantageous to a Print Marketing campaign. There are a number…

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