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There are two questions you should ask your digital marketing partner before signing any partnership agreement:

  1. How should I best connect with my customers?
  2. Where do I NEED to be and where do I WANT to be?

Those seem like simple questions, but as an online digital marketing partner for small and medium-sized businesses across Oakville, Burlington and beyond, we see customers engaged in activities across multiple mediums needlessly.

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We have a saying here, “We don’t do social media marketing for the sake of social media marketing.” We will never recommend an activity because it is what everyone else is doing. We’ll never suggest an idea if it splits your focus. We only recommend activities and platforms that move your business forward by attracting clients and generating new leads for your business.

We understand that your dollars are precious. As an independent business ourselves we understand that it is imperative to put your dollars where they are going to have a return on investment. Not every platform will meet your needs and it is important to find a marketing partner that understands the benefits and potential behind each platform and how they connect with various audiences.

For example, say you looking to build your B2B business (Business-to-Business); you’ll want to consider investing in a LinkedIn and niche advertising campaign that has a more professional slant. If you want to connect with teens and young adults, you’ll find them on Instagram, not Facebook. Your business is more informational than visual, consider focusing your investment dollars in building strong online content that can be shared through your website and LinkedIn or conduct direct e-mail campaigns with your existing clientele.


There are many scenarios that can be right for your business, but the real winning combination is between you and a digital marketing company that understands your business, your goals and can tie that information to the right strategy to optimize your business.

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