Employing the Right People: Company Employees Reflect the Brand

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Your brand is everywhere, including your employees

Finding the right fit in business means combining two or more pieces that work together to improve a product, service, or brand. It usually comes about through shared values, complementary practices, and mutual respect. In marketing, compatibility is important for a number of business relationships and work dynamics. Creating a successful marketing campaign touches on the need for smart, effective matches between; companies and employees, businesses and marketing agencies. Both of these relationships affect/reflect the image and principles that represent your business to new and existing customer demographics.

Employees are an extension of the business itself. They are the personable, public face of your brand. They’re the fingers at the end of the company’s arm – often they make first contact with your customers and have the most impact regarding organic sales and consumer relationships built on personal interactions. Ensuring you’ve employed people who accurately reflect your brand’s values is paramount to making a good impression. And making a good impression is what marketing your business is all about!

Hire Employees That Share The Brand’s Values

You bring your children to an indoor playland. The staff there are dressed in formal clothing – different colours and no branding – with little mobility. One staff member does not appear to enjoy children when approached. Another staff member is on their phone most of the time and when asked a question by a parent, tells them the information is available on the company’s website.

Here are a few effects this staff may have on the brand.

They are not a great reflection of the brand’s mandate: A children’s playland should hire individuals who enjoy working with children. Customers will expect at least that much. When this assumption is met and respect between employees and customers is apparent, the customer leaves with a more positive business interaction, and will be more likely to share their satisfaction in an online review, on their social media platforms, and through referrals (online reviews can really take a bite out of your business – there are more than 2.1 million negative reviews uploaded onto social media every day!).

They are not a great reflection of the brand’s appearance: Everyday, more than 32 million people in the US wear a uniform to work, in part to help market their brand. In regards to this playland, staff members should wear play-appropriate attire so they can encompass the youthful, adventurous nature of the business. Parents want to know that the staff can engage with their children (their customers!) whenever necessary. The company should also ensure the uniform they supply employees reflects the business’s colours and logo, so the staff is as identifiable as the brand.

The staff are not aware of the company’s verbal culture and marketing strategies: It is important for employers to ensure staff are aware of all in-store offers, coupons, and verbal culture in addition to knowing what information is available on the business’s website and social media networks like, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Google+ pages. 49% of global consumers are more likely to engage with digital experiences that seamlessly integrate with their physical worlds. With modern tech, it is also necessary to ensure employees are engaging with the company’s digital culture in positive ways; including what they post in relation to the business and when they are posting it.

The Right Fit

Hiring employees that reflect the heart of your brand is a good way to build a cohesive brand identity. 72% of marketers think cohesive branding is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. Clients and potential customers respond well to staff that are respectful and representative of their demographic. If you want to use your bookstore to spread the love of reading, ensure you employ people who also want to share a love of reading through books. Matching your company to employees that share your values creates a sense of intercompany pride that translates to a stronger, more cohesive brand for your consumers.

Fit Tip #1!:

While it’s important to take on staff that speak your language, don’t underestimate the benefits of trying to speak your employees’ language too. If you’re hiring individuals that represent your target demographic or that resonate with your clientele, they may have a relevant perspective or an inside track on what your customers need and how to communicate with them. Does your staff engage in social media? Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than content shared by brand channels. Talk to them about helpful, image positive posts that incorporate branding elements for your company or share aspects of corporate events and initiatives with their social circles.

Fit Tip #2!:

Your employees are an extension of your business and your brand. That means they are the mouthpiece between your company and your customers. Take the time to ensure your staff is aware of any verbal culture that represents your brand – phrasing, pitches, in-store offers and website information. Everyone should be on the same page regarding how your company communicates with clientele and what they’re communicating with clientele. Building a cohesive culture within your company and presenting a unified front to the public makes for a stronger, more trustworthy brand and improves the effect of your marketing campaigns.

Create a Caring Environment

By showing your employees that you care about the brand and you care about how they fit in with the company, you create a sense of loyalty and mutual respect between the business and its staff. Employees are more likely to aid in the brand’s success if they feel respected and important in their work role. These shared values also extend to the consumers: 64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand. In an age where so many people choose where to shop based on the principles they and their peers consider a priority, it’s important to always put forward an accurate representation of your business’s culture. Company employees are the frontline in customer service. When you’ve hired individuals that share your company pride and values it’s one less thing to worry about while driving your business to success. And it’s one more effective marketing tool to build a positive, cohesive image for your brand.

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