Improving Your Website SEO: High Quality vs Low Quality Scores

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How a digital marketing agency help with your website SEO

When it comes to website seo (searchability) online, all websites are subjected to the byte-sized vetting of the day’s prevailing search algorithms. Trying to assess the formula of these algorithms is a full time job for marketers, businesses, and search engine operators alike. Just as having a basic understanding of arithmetic is necessary to succeed in calculus, so too is a basic understanding of foundational site-building necessary to produce a high-quality, high-ranking website.
Some of the earlier ranking programs were amped up document sorters. Their task was to assess your content, pages, and documents to determine if your site was a low-quality or high-quality contributor to search results. These programs have morphed often, and their result algorithms have become increasingly complex.
Cm2 Media wrote about the Pros & Cons of Search Engine Optimization in the article, “SEO: Building a Pathway to Your Business”. The post covered the importance of being educated on website SEO reporting and website repairing before trying to climb the the online rankings. Lack of focus or focus on the wrong elements can be as detrimental to your ranking as utilizing professional tips and consistently monitoring for improvements can be beneficial to your ranking.

Current consensus outlines these major points as the most likely to affect your website SEO-related rankings:

  • Keywords and trending topics
  • Networking with established sites
  • Unique content
  • Information density
  • Consistency and organic growth
    Knowing how these factors determine whether your website is high-quality or low-quality will give you a general jumping-off point in a Digital Marketing Agency’s approach to improving your searchability.
    1. Keywords and Trending Topics
    • becoming an authority
    • frequency within a post is no longer a factor (affects readability)
    • perpetual gain, cater towards the search trends and you’ll move up the ranking, move up the ranking and you will get
    • more clicks, get more clicks and continue to move up the rankings
    • over 60% of clicks go to the top 3 ranked sites
    2. Networking With Established Sites
    3. Unique Content
    4. Information Density
    5. Consistency and Organic Growth
    • page load times
    • pop-ups
    •not PTC (paid-to-click) or sponsored sites
    Manipulating website SEO algorithms to work in your company’s favour is a full-time gig. For as many benefits as a strong SEO marketing platform can provide your company, there are equally detrimental consequences to an inconsistent SEO approach.
    Marketing analytics is an area best left to the experienced hands and sophisticated tools of a marketing agency. The ideal agency will have a set of analytic tools and resources that can collect and interpret such critical data as how much time visitors are spending on each of your web pages, where they’re dropping off, with detail all of the ways down to how individual contacts are engaging with your website and content. An agency armed with this detailed analytic information, they can show you exactly where your content strategy could use some timely adjustments through A/B testing and other proven optimization methods.
    57 percent of them have trouble producing content on a consistent basis; another 35 percent found providing a variety of content a major challenge. Both tasks, however, are critical ones. By producing regular, relevant content, your company stands a much better chance of ranking highly against your competitors in terms of online authority and trust. Adding variety to your content helps maintain the interest of your current clients while attracting the eyes of new ones.
    An agency can then implement tactics to replace weak writing while also simplifying cluttered page formats, getting rid of 404 errors, and removing “doorway” pages that do nothing more than connecting one internal web page to another. Once the bad stuff is gone, of course, you’ll need to repopulate your site with better alternatives. Here again, a dedicated marketing agency can prove invaluable by assigning skilled copywriters and designers to the task of making your site as relevant, engaging and user-friendly as possible.
    Google’s panda update and continued changes to the search algorithm are designed to reduce rankings for low-quality websites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”
    We have developed many campaigns since the changes and the ongoing results have been fantastic for us, and our clients.

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