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(Part III) Local Business Marketing: Diversifying Platforms & Customizing Reach

Local Business Marketing – Introduce Your Business To Your Local Population

There are other platforms and approaches to engage with in a successful Localized Marketing strategy besides Google, of course. Once your company has set up spaces in the real world, on their website, and in the realm of Google, it’s important to diversify your presence on other popular and relevant platforms to maximize your exposure. There are tricks to content creation that will improve your visibility and community reach, and the integration of social sharing is an important element for your website and for any communications, advertisements, and events initiated in the name of your business.

To start, small businesses usually find benefit in setting up a Facebook and Twitter profile. Both platforms are free and are effectively focused on local as well as international levels. The location tracking capabilities these platforms have on most internet users has helped shaped tools that allow businesses to focus in on their potential clientele in any chosen location.

Local Business Marketing – Introduce Your Business on Facebook

75% of the market uses Facebook on a daily basis. It is fantastic for generating awareness and participation in events. It also has one of the biggest communities with which to share all types of information.

Local Business Marketing …Be Sure to Promote

Facebook offers Local Awareness ads which runs on the principle that ads are more effective when they reach a market that can utilize the service location. It promotes ads in the same location and based on the same interests as each individual user. Facebook also offers Page Insights, which is an ongoing report tracking the traffic and customer habits exhibited on your business’s Facebook page and those of your competitors. More recently call to action buttons have been incorporated directly onto Facebook page headers, making it easier to reach your business line, website, or alternative social media platforms. ….. Promote posts, share offers, build community with minimal funding towards advertising bumps.

Local Business Marketing …Be Sure to Socialize

The bonus of Facebook over Google is that when a customer is using a search engine, they are in the frame of mind to purchase something already. They need to be searching specifically for your industry and for services that you cover. But Facebook has the ability to reach your local market when they are searching for a specific product as well as when they are performing an increasingly common pastime – surfing social media. Advertising on Facebook is a more indirect form of exposure, but it is extraordinarily visible both in frequency and in its ability to target people in the vicinity of your business. By promoting posts, sharing offers, creating and curating useful content for your customers, Facebook allows businesses to build a network of locals with minimal funding towards advertising bumps.

Local Business Marketing – Introduce Your Business on Twitter

Twitter’s usefulness for localized business marketing is similar to Facebook’s through it geo-location capabilities (opted into by the users of the network). Geo-tracking allows apps and providers to determine your position anywhere on the globe. Such functions allow businesses a means of interacting with an audience that knows of, belongs to, or is passing through the area of the company’s physical storefront. The idea of engaging with potential customers in different stages of the Marketing Funnel helps your business to connect with people on an individual level in a number of customizable approaches. Whether it is through targeted ads or through search and response functions, Twitter has several ways to introduce your business to prospective customers.

Local Business Marketing …Be Sure to Target

You can search the tweets of people near you with the Tweets Near You function. By searching a keyword specific to your industry or services and drilling down by any given number of locations or landmarks you can connect with an audience that has your area and even your services in common. These connections allow your business to establish a local market network that can turn into any number of customer relationships. Responding to individual tweets and general queries on your industry is a great way to gain traction in any given demographic. Retweeting and creating dialogue with customers situates your business as an authority for an audience who may not have otherwise known to look to you as a solution.

Local Business Marketing …Be Sure to Tweet

Twitter gives the option to target the platform’s users who have entered your area as their permanent address. Being able to connect with your neighbours directly, presents you with an audience that automatically has a more vested interest in establishing local relationships with businesses that offer them good service, easy access, and dependability. Any interaction you have with platform users is like two-way advertising. Not only are you getting your message out to the platform’s entire community, but you are exposed to the extended community of each individual with whom you communicate. Audiences can witness first-hand how you engage with and satisfy the needs of your customers. It’s like receiving real-time referrals without either party having to answer and submit a survey about their experience.

Local Business Marketing – Introduce Yourself to Hashtags

Both Facebook and Twitter reign in the world of hash-tagging and archiving. Knowing how to utilize hashtags for marketing purposes can increase your content reach, get the attention of your target demographic, amplify your brand, and improve your SEO. Creating unique hashtags for your brand, your products, and your initiatives engages potential customers with your services. Don’t overlook the usefulness of common hashtags too: location, industry, slogans, and other trending topics. Once your posts are hashtagged they are kept in a searchable archive for the entire network to engage with or use as a resource.

Local Business Marketing- Introduce Yourself to Event Creation

Putting on a local event? Create a hashtag for the event and encourage your business and customers to post their thoughts and experiences on the hashtag’s thread. Share dialogue and pics of preparation, participation, and post-elation to really build a sense of inclusion and community with your clientele. Facebook and Twitter are primo services for creating and perpetuating your local initiatives. You can invite, track, and update your customer base all from a single dedicated event’s page. Keeping your events separate from your main page, but still connected to your website, storefront, and profiles with the click of a button, prevents customers from being alienated by an inundation of information on an initiative they may or may not be able to attend.

Local Business Marketing- Meet More Social Media and Marketing Mediums

Learning the basics for these platforms will give you a head start in the market and with the other social media that are appropriate for your business to join. Having a profile with these big players will help perpetuate your marketing strategies in other advertising mediums as well.

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