Marketing Agencies as Stylists: Matching Business Models

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When you have a big event and want to look your best, chances are you’ll make an appointment with a hair stylist. The appointment is only one element in a whole production that results in your top-notch appearance. While the other factors have their importance, without your stylist, your ensemble will be less polished, less impressive, and may even stick out as the flaw that mars the whole presentation. Finding a stylist that matches your taste and your preferences is an integral part of having a cohesive finished product that fulfills your own personal wants.

Marketing Agencies are like your hair stylist

They listen to your preferences and goals, have the knowledge to keep you astride of all the trends, possess the skillset to create and match you with a look that works for your business and your services, and are professional and efficient enough to do so in a designated window of time. Finding marketing agencies with a business model that matches your business model assures a smoother process, a more amicable working relationship, and a successful final product.

Talk About Your Wants: Ask for an Understanding of the Big Picture of working with Marketing Agencies

People tend to open up to their stylists. They talk about cuts they’ve loved, ones they’ve hated, and what they’re looking for by way of form, function, and final products. Take the time to tell your marketing agency about these elements for your business too; your history, your goals, your intended demographic, your actual demographic, and anything else you associate with your brand and what you envision for your company. Every part of the picture helps your Marketing Agency build your business the image it wants and deserves. Having an open dialogue with marketers also gives you a better understanding of how they match your business model and what they will add to your big picture.

Review the Offered Services: Ask for a Comprehensive Proposal

If a stylist only offers shaves and a trim, but you’re looking for an updo and some highlights, they’re not a good match for your needs. If you run a small business, you may not be looking for international coverage on all existing marketing platforms (at least, not right away). You may have an idea of what you’re looking for – a new website, content creation, new customers, better return on investment – without knowing how to get the results. CM2 Media understands what you need from marketing agencies. We offer a comprehensive list of services and a free consultation that allows us to tailor a proposal to your business, including options for:

  • Everything Website related (web design, UX, encoding, CMS, CSS, Plugins, Email, Social Media integration, Inventory Management, E-Commerce)
  • Email Marketing (content creation, marketing strategy, lead generation, template design, graphic design, deployment)
  • Social Media (content creation, content calendars, customer response, graphic design, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
  • SEO & Advertising (content marketing, content creation, search engine submissions, keyword tracking, reporting, content entry and manipulation, banner ad creation, Adwords, Facebook Ads)
  • Graphic Design & Print (digtial and print design, logo design, branding campaigns, business cards, posters, banners etc)
  • Video Production (social media marketing videos, educational videos, tv commercials, youtube commercials)
  • We’ll lay out the services you want alongside the services we believe may benefit your company. As a small business, we understand the budgeting and balancing needs of other small businesses. Our proposals are tiered, cover a multitude of platforms and approaches, and are budgeted with your wants and limitations in mind. Take a look at the areas of marketing we offer at CM2 Media to see if we’re a good fit for your brand.

    Schedule the Appointment: Keeping to the Timeline with Marketing Agencies

    An appointment with your stylist happens in a specific window of time agreed upon by both parties. During that scheduled period, they are responsible for delivering a polished product to satisfy your needs and wants. Your marketing agency should function in the same fashion. At CM2 Media, we pride ourselves on creating a timeline that works for you and keeps you abreast of a constantly shifting market place. We understand that our partnership with your company is only one cog in the complex machine that is running your business.

    Trust Your Style to the Skillset: Cultivating Content with Marketing Agencies

    We pay for a stylist to do our hair because we don’t have the knowledge and skillset to achieve equally professional and impactful results. They know the right products, right cuts, and the right methods to get the desired results. A good stylist will even share this information with you so you have a better understanding of the process and the upkeep moving forward. They take the time to check in with you throughout the appointment, to ensure their progress is working for you. Similarly, your marketing agency will suggest what strategies and platforms will achieve your company’s goals. CM2 Media understands your industry trends, how to attract your demographic, and how to arrive at a successful result – whether that’s gaining new customers, increasing return on investment, or improving brand exposure. Our own goal is to get you the results you want. We can offer you our full range of services and point you in the right direction. But, it’s important to us that you make the final decisions for your business.

    Love Your Look: Get the Finished Product You Want from Marketing Agencies

    Having a shared vision with your stylist helps in achieving a successful and cohesive result. Hiring a marketing agency that works like you and that works for you achieves the same kinds of superior results. CM2 Media understands how an agency fits into the workflow of your business. We learn how you work and how we can best work with you. We are big on communication and touching base with you throughout the process to ensure progress is meeting your expectations – no surprises! The final product is what you want, because you are involved in the direction and you make the final decisions.

    Just like when you leave the salon with a fresh new look, CM2 Media wants to get you results that leave you feeling fulfilled and eager to be seen. Contact us for a free consultation, so we can discuss how to get you a look you love and marketing results you can depend on.


    Photo courtesy of Mink Hair Lounge in Georgetown

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