Employing the Right People: Marketing Agencies to Match Your Business

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Marketing Agencies must understand and engage in your business

Finding the right fit in business means combining two or more pieces that work together to improve a product, service, or brand. It usually comes about through shared values, complementary practices, and mutual respect. In marketing, compatibility is important for a number of business relationships and work dynamics. Creating a successful marketing campaign touches on the need for smart, effective matches between; companies and employees, businesses and marketing agencies. Both of these relationships affect/reflect the image and principles that represent your business to new and existing customer demographics.

Hiring A Marketing Agency That Fits Your Company

In the same way employees and companies should have shared values, marketing agencies and businesses should compliment each other in a manner that produces a more cohesive brand. In general, a marketing agency should ensure your company’s physical and digital presence works to your advantage, synthesize your brand across all platforms and mediums, understand the current and changing trends in your industry and with your target demographic. A good fit is aided by similar work ethics and an agreed upon goal.

CM2 Media’s Marketing Fit

There are many more factors to consider when looking for the right marketing agency for your business. While a discussion regarding your needs and wants and a marketing agency’s services is the most efficient means of determining a match, here are a few elements that speak to the type of work ethic and production we exemplify at CM2 Media:

Some agencies create the entire marketing plan with little input from the you or the brand.
CM2 Media likes to have a discussion about options, priorities, and budgeting before solidifying a marketing plan. We specialize in building relationships with clients from the ground up to ensure you are comfortable with us, the products you are receiving, and what you are spending. In our process, it’s important to check in with our clients throughout the campaign to ensure that the vision is on track (and on time), there are no surprises for the customer, and the end result is as requested. We make sure your money is being spent in the right places for your budget.

Some agencies trust individual employees to manage entire campaigns from a single perspective and skillset.
CM2 Media has a full team of marketing professionals to manage each aspect of your marketing campaign. We believe having a variety of specialized workers results in a more professional product in each element of the action plan. From logo creation to website building to branding exposure to increased revenues, our agency employs individuals that match our principles and standards of service. Our prices are based on products and not on the number of people who work on each element – that means, you’re getting input and perspectives from numerous professionals for the price of just one!

Some agencies create a product, deliver it to the customer, and consider that the end of their business transaction.
CM2 Media knows the importance of being answerable to tracked results. The only way to know for certain that a strategy is working is to analyze the appropriate data before and after a campaign is in place. By tracking elements – like sales, traffic, offers, demographics – a marketing agency can determine which parts of their message, products, and approach needs to be altered and which parts need to be amplified. It’s one of the greatest distinctions between hiring a professional agency and tinkering with DIY and in-house marketing approaches. When you pay for results, you want to know the results. Ensure any marketing agency you align with is willing to set targets, explain them to you, and then meet them. CM2 Media delivers on the goals we create with you. Part of being the right fit, means being transparent with and accountable for the outcomes of our endeavours.

As with your company’s employees, a marketing agency – whether they deal with branding, digital marketing, advertising, print materials, social media networking, or websites – helps shape your business’s public image. Taking the time to find the right fit for your marketing needs is an important first step in any marketing campaign. Look for a marketing agency that shares your values, values your input, works like you, and works for you.

At CM2 Media, we believe both sides decide if the partnership is a good fit. We understand that the most successful marketing strategies are born out of respect, complimentary practices, and a strong work dynamic. Contact us to have a discussion around your needs, our services, and the type of fit that benefits all parties involved.

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