A Marketing Agency Will Add Value To Your Business

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What can a Marketing Agency do for your business?

  • establish your brand
  • establish your company as an authority
  • establish better rankings in search engine optimization
  • establish a stronger connection with your clientele

How can a Marketing Agency establish your business?

  • increase client base
  • increase customer engagement
  • increase online traffic (website, social media, email marketing)
  • increase sales

In the same way your company provides a niche of specialized services for your customers, so too does a marketing agency cover a breadth of expertise for your marketing needs. An agency understands how all of the pieces of a business-wide marketing strategy fit together in a complementary and results-producing manner. Staying on top of all the moving parts of a successful campaign is a full time job. A job that most companies are unable to create and properly maintain, because they are already busy focusing all their time on providing the best services their business can deliver.

There are plenty of services that companies naturally outsource, either because they are specialty services that require a unique set of tools/accesses/education, or because the company does not have the time/skills/desire to maintain those services on their own. Consider the average company’s partnerships: “We have a bank for our mortgage, a service provider for our webspace, a supplier for our manufacturing needs, and a cleaning company to keep the storefront presentable.”

…Compared to DIY Marketing

Because people are gaining more access to marketing tools like social medias and printing software on their own, companies will often try and take on their own marketing. “My niece knows how to make a flyer in Photoshop – she can do the posters.” While these homegrown tactics may work out either way, there is definitely no way to accurately predict the results and there is no accountability in the process. Without fundamental marketing and communications knowledge, campaigns will be run blindly with no accurately predicted outcomes. Such an approach is a risky venture with income that, with an agency’s assistance, can otherwise be guaranteed a solid return on investment (ROI).

Agencies are accountable for setting the metrics for your marketing strategies *and* they are accountable for the results of those strategies. Such formal processes deal with analysis and reporting of both your industry’s market and your business’s structure, to ensure delivery of the agreed upon customer goals. When an agency is brought on board and marketing targets are not met, it isn’t on the business to assume responsibility, but on the agency. These trained professionals are familiar with the constantly changing marketing machine, emerging trends, and avenues towards success. They have an arsenal of techniques and tactics to tailor or adjust a campaign to hit their specified deliverables.

… Compared to In-House Marketing

Alternately, companies may consider hiring in-house marketing help. For large corporations, running an entire department for world-wide marketing is a financially reasonable venture. But for small to medium size companies, there are drawbacks to depending on internal staff for marketing. Hiring a specialized employee locks you into a single set of experiences (the employee’s experiences) and a predetermined and not necessarily pre-tested platform (the employee’s specialty) for your businesses marketing needs.

An agency bills only for hours worked on your account, unlike a business’s own internal staff who are paid based on their work day (including breaks, lunches, meetings, socializing). Agencies offer the benefits of a collective. Many minds and many perspectives are funnelled through a single source for your consideration.

Essentially, a marekting agency provides more experience, more perspectives, more expertise, more bang for your buck, and more returns on your dollar. At Cm2 Media, we know that the best marketing partnerships grow from a simple idea. The idea is not to force your business to fit in with marketing platforms, but to ensure we make a marketing strategy that fits your business.

We specialize in building relationships with clients from the ground up. We want you to be comfortable with us and what you are spending. Contact us today to see how we can you get started working as your marketing agency and helping your business grow!

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