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All strong structures have a solid foundation. This is why having knowledgeable and accountable engineers on hand and hiring specialized crews to manage construction is of the utmost importance when building something that will last.

Your marketing campaign is similarly dependent on efficient and experienced builders. Hiring a Marketing Agency to help create and initiate growth and awareness in your brand is as prudent as hiring a construction crew to raise your building.

What does a Marketing Agency Build?

A Marketing Agency will build your marketing budget, your marketing strategy, your marketing platforms, and your customer base. By assembling a team of professionals to manage your strategy from start to finish, we are liable for the specs, the decks, and the after effects.
Here’s how we tender your marketing campaign:

We Build your marketing budget

As any thorough Financial Advisor, sitting down with clients to discuss their hopes, concerns, and budget is of primary concern. Laying out forecasting, considering previous experiences, and answering questions about trends and overhead are just a few of the items we help determine to get you closer to your bottom dollar. The standard marketing budget of 10% annual gross income, is a good starting point to keep in mind.

By listening to your business objectives and ascertaining your full budget, we will sketch out a blueprint to reach your goals and empower your brand.  It is extremely important to put the full budget number to work from the onset, however, because the type of objectives and amount of funds will factor heavily into which mediums form the campaign. Some marketing platforms are more affordable to create, manage, or maintain than others. But, a multi-faceted approach produces better results than utilizing only a single platform. Print ads, online ads, email, and social media are the more pervasive and affordable venues that can compliment a more sparsely used and strategically placed TV or radio spot. Piecing together an interconnected marketing campaign to maximize effect requires strategizing expertise.

We Build your strategy

Like Engineers and Architects, our marketing agency will work with industry trends, raw data, and a portfolio full of experience in the field to determine the right strategy for your objective. At the forefront is the need to present branding, tone, and objective uniformly across a mix of mediums.

Of the many approaches, agencies are likely to test the organic results of affordable mediums like Print, Websites, and Social Media by creating Content and Events to attract new consumers at very little cost. These soft-run trials are used to amplify or adjust strategy until the results are strong enough to justify full investment or dedicated paid advertising.
Each business requires its own personal strategy. We at CM2 Media believe that learning about your business and your experiences is invaluable knowledge. If your business has run successful campaigns in the past through affordable mediums, for example, discussing these campaigns and building on their successes is a prudent mean of capitalizing on an already vetted platform is a prudent move. We also pay attention to the experiences of competitors and authorities in your industry to help you save money by learning from other companies’ outcomes.

We Build your platforms (Foreman, Labourers)

Branding, Advertising, Web Design, Social Media, Print & Direct Mail, Merchandising, Email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, running Specials and Events – these are all separate realms within the marketing kingdom. Each of these avenues, however, comes with it’s own unique benefits and pitfalls.

Each one of these platforms require specialized knowledge and a team of professionals to pull it all together into one stable, uniform structure. Being inconsistent or inattentive in any one of these areas can have detrimental effects on your end goals.

Such large and complex projects require a Foreman to oversee the process and a team of Labourers to stay on task. Our agency has the same structure; we have hired out all the necessary professionals to build each element of your campaign with professionalism.

No business owner has time to focus on running their company while running a campaign that may include:

* Branding * Logos * Posters * Custom Design * Banners * Business Cards * Digital Visual Design * ECommerce Solutions * Web Design & Development * Website Maintenance * Video Production * Custom Designs & Custom Templates for Email * Email Contact Strategy * iContact * Social Media Management * Contests * Coupons * Promotions * Custom Budget SEO * Blogs * Google AdWords * Facebook Ads * Twitter Ads * Web Videos * Sales Videos * TV Commercials * Training Videos * Direct Mail Campaigns * Merchandising * Content Creation, Curation, and Circulation*

We Build your customer base (Decorators, Concierge)

Unless you have expertise in Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, you cannot ensure that you are driving qualified prospects, converting more leads, or building long-term relationships with your clientele.

A Marketing Agency’s blueprint maps out the most efficient means to generate traffic for your business, turn that traffic into leads, turn those leads into customers, and retain those customers by engaging with them long-term. It is a customer’s market out there now, and a company needs to interact with audiences in a memorable and personal manner. Our team will research trends, analyze reports, and manipulate their approach at any time, as often as necessary to more constantly hit targeted demographics.

We also maintain a number of tactics to retain your business’s already established clientele. It may require scheduling an email or direct mail contact calendar for follow up, creating and maintaining a blog or newsletter so customers stay informed of your products and services, circulating other useful industry related content to keep people coming back to your company’s platforms. Whatever the mixture, we guarantee our services will create a solid structure and maintain a strong foundation for you company and customers alike.

From the ground up, CM2 Media creates educated, effective advertising and promotional campaigns that generate visibility and results. You have already done the heavy labour by building a company in which you want to invest. Trust our crew to help your business build a better brand and become an authority in your industry.

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