Mrs.Vanelli’s and Feta & Olives now offering in Mall Delivery Service

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In-Mall Delivery Service now available at Devonshire Mall

Feta & Olives Delivery In-Mall Delivery Service
Mrs.Vanelli's New In-Mall Delivery Service
The Devonshire Mall in Windsor has a new service being offered by both Feta & Olives and Mrs. Vanelli’s. Mall employees can now text or call their Pre-Orders in, or have their food delivered right to them. This is a major time saver for Devonshire Mall employees! Lunch breaks can now feel like a break! Pre-Order, walk up, and pick up your food, or have Aaron and his staff bring it right to you! There are a few specifics to texting in your order so give the menus a quick read through and maximize this great opportunity!

Find out more about this new service on both the Feta & Olives and Mrs.Vanelli’s Devonshire Mall location Facebook Pages.

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