Newest Responsive Website: Jessi Marri Photography from Houston to Oakville

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A new responsive website to help with mobile searches and fit to all devices properly

CM2 Media has just released its latest website creation for Jessi Marri Photography! Jessi contacted us through a business connection that had previously hired CM2 Media to design their website. The main goals of the photography website were to have a responsive website theme and social engagement. Her customers can easily connect with her through many social platforms (Facebook, twitter, instagram, email, Google plus) with the click of a nicely styled button.

This responsive website has on-page SEO and a tab to easily submit blog posts directly on the website! On top of designing and creating the website for Jessi Marri Photography, we also trained our client on how to use and utilize the website to work the best for her. CM2 media handled the domain management and email migration to ensure a great user experience without interruption. We listened to our client’s needs and created the website they wanted while making it very user friendly! Photo galleries are a key showpiece for any photography website and Jessi’s stands out from the crowd. To see her gallery click this link They are all responsive slider galleries that will view properly on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Jessi Marri is a Houston based wedding photographer who travels the world for photo shoots. She is very talented and passionate about her work.  To anyone who is need of a photographer for engagement/bridal photos we definitely recommend Jessi Marri Photography. To check out our latest work and get in contact with her visit


Here is the testimonial from Jessi Marri:

“My whole experience with CM2 Media and the website design process was AMAZING! I was long over due for a new website and stressed for months about the direction I should go and who I was going to hire to help me get to where I needed to be. Endless thoughts/questions plagued my brain! What’s it gonna look like? What about content? SEO! SEO! SEO! I am SO thankful that I ran across Mark and the team! They made the entire process easy and stress free. They were always attentive to my emails and endless questions and always provided the direction I needed in developing the look of the new site. I found their laid back personality and endless patience to be the perfect fit for me. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. There is no doubt that for all my future needs I will return to CM2 Media and I’ve already started recommending them to all of my friends!”

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