2022. It’s Time to Step Up Your Social Media Game

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Step Up Your Social Media Game in 2022

Since 2020, we’ve seen a steady increase in people’s daily use of social media. Technology has become an essential part of everyone’s lives, especially as we navigate the pandemic.

It allows us to stay connected and provides a surge of information with the touch of a button. So if you still haven’t made the jump to social media, read on to learn the top 5 reasons why you finally should in 2022.

Reason #1: Reach New Customers

Through organic and paid social posts on Instagram and Facebook, you can reach new customers and increase your sales! Picture this: you just opened up a brand new bakery just in time for the holiday season. You have no social media, no website and lack any digital presence.

How are customers going to discover your new place? Many people resort to social media to find the services that they require. For example, perhaps a potential customer is searching for a local bakery to bake a festive cake for Christmas day. They’re aware that a new bakery just opened up in town, but they can’t find any information!

If you’re not online, you’re missing out on opportunities to meet new customers and make sales.

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Reason #2: Build A Genuine Relationship With Your Customers

Social media allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and create trusting relationships with your customers. You’ll find that as your brand grows, your audience will engage with your content. Engagement can look like a comment, like or even a post share.

You’ll then have an opportunity to engage back in an authentic way that encourages your followers to continue to look forward to your posts! Depending on your company’s tone, social media is the place to be friendly and even funny. In addition, social media is the place to be transparent and relatable! Do you have behind-the-scenes footage of creating a popular menu item?

Post it to your feed and watch how your followers positively engage with sneak peeks of what makes your services unique!

Reason #3: Your Competitors Most Likely Have a Social Media Presence

Before launching your brand, you most likely did some market research on what your competitors do well and how you can offer a further enhanced experience.

Is your competition active on social media? If they are active on social media platforms, that’s more of a reason why you should be too! Similarly, if they aren’t on social media and you are, you’ll dominate the social space over them! The reality is that customers pay attention to businesses that are active online. Have you ever searched for a local restaurant and found virtually nothing online?

Perhaps this led you to explore another spot with many reviews, engagement and visually aesthetic social content. Which location are you more likely to visit? Having an established social media presence provides a carefully curated overview of what to expect from your business.

In addition, having a social presence ignites that trust factor many people need to start their customer journey with you

Reason #4: Social Media Marketing is a Cost-Effective Way to Build a Brand

You don’t need to pay a fee to create a business account for your Facebook or Instagram page. It’s free! Consistent organic social posts (not supported by paid advertising) can help build your brand’s presence, drive awareness and eventually lead to sales.

Social media can also help drive traffic back to your website! Once a customer is on your website, the opportunities are endless. Perhaps they subscribe to your mailing list, call your location for more information, or even purchase something, they’re forming a connection with your brand and consciously choosing to learn more. These are often overlooked when it comes to a strategy for your social media game.

Instagram and Facebook are constantly coming out with innovative ways to help support businesses. For example, you can now link a URL to any Instagram story post! This new CTA button can move customers further along on the customer journey. To take your social media game one step further, you can launch a paid advertising campaign!

If you’re looking to promote a post to get more engagement, you can put some marketing dollars behind it to drive awareness and reach new eyeballs! Contact Cm2 Media to learn more about how social media marketing can work for your business and improve your social media game.

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Reason #5: It can Help Drive The Future Direction of Your Business and Improve Your Social Media Game

The final reason why you should finally get on social media in 2022 is that your business insights can teach you a lot about your customer base. For example, you can learn about your target demographic including, gender and age! In addition, you can use interactive stickers on Instagram stories to create polls and questions to allow your audience to provide feedback. These findings can benefit you in a few ways:

  • Help drive future advertising campaigns based on your target audience
  • Impact the type of content you create based on what’s resonating with your audience
  • The time of day your audience is most active

The benefits of the analytics available regarding your social media game are endless! If you’re still not convinced that 2022 is the year to get active and improve your social media game, chat with our Cm2 team! We can help create a social media strategy that will work for your business.

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