B2B Video Marketing Trends – 2021

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What to Know About B2B Video Marketing

B2B video marketing plays a crucial role in developing a content marketing plan that shares your content with your B2B audience in video form. Video marketing can be anything from social media videos, live streams, video podcasts, and more. It can include professionally produced content or a video filmed using your phone on the fly!

If you are already using video, you’ll likely need to ramp up your creativity in order to develop content that stands out from your competitors. In 2021, the content landscape is more saturated than ever! Here are some Video Marketing trends you should take advantage of this year!

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Record Content in Bulk & Repurpose!

Producing one video at a time can be incredibly time-consuming, expensive (if you’re using high-quality production), and the results can be short-lived (developing a single social media post etc.). The solution? Record in bulk! For example, you can record yourself discussing several different topics to be edited and cut into several different videos – all from the same shoot.

Feel free to change your apparel if you’d like to make it appear as though these videos were filmed on different days. Don’t hesitate to record a long-form version of an interview, or explaining your product/service features! This is where repurposing content comes into play. You can always post long-form content and then reuse that same content by chopping it into shorter clips and adding different text or graphic animation.

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Not sure what your B2B audience would like? Try running two different ad creatives at a time to see which one works best at attracting your target audience. It’s important to remember that you may not know upfront what your audience will like (we can help with that!) so don’t be afraid to experiment and expect a trial and error process as you determine the right path forward.

If you are interested in creating videos and you already have some professional product photos – you don’t necessarily need a video shoot. Infographic videos can be a great way to take advantage of the content you already have in an effort to repurpose and enhance it to look and sound more appealing. The only thing you will need to repurpose is great editing software and perhaps a talented editor or two!

Convert to Video!

Content that you may think is irrelevant or not able to be repurposed can almost always be converted into a video format. If you have a weekly blog on your website – consider creating a weekly vlog!

If you have some great google reviews, you can create narrated reviews and other infographic-style video clips that highlight what makes your company great! You can also take examples of the work your company has done by featuring it in “our work” videos that highlight your company’s talents. Remember that a lot of this can easily be recorded over zoom, and can be edited within a quick turnaround time.

YES – You NEED LinkedIn!

You may already be aware of the power LinkedIn holds in the B2B space, but the same reasoning holds true when it comes to video marketing, specifically. Did you know that companies can get seven times more reactions and up to 24 times higher engagement on their LinkedIn Live streams?

This highlights the shift away from high production marketing videos towards more authentic content. If you’re an expert in your field, don’t hesitate to give advice, or highlight your expertise with some quick tips!

A few things to keep in mind when creating quick content on the fly:

  • Do not ramble. Keep it short and sweet! (30-90 seconds is ideal)
  • You might be filming on your phone but please make sure your lighting is decent and don’t film in a very loud setting.
  • Add subtitles if possible. A large part of your audience will wish to watch your video without sound.
  • Make sure the topic is relevant to your business and your audience!
  • Use relevant hashtags, and don’t be afraid to add filters or stickers (where appropriate).

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The shift in the video production process over the last year or so has been incredibly dramatic. Many of us have shifted to permanently working from home or retaining the work-from-home structure 2-3 days per week. This is expected to continue well after the pandemic ends. It is so important to communicate and collaborate well in a digital space.

You can use video to establish your brand as being the top choice in your industry, and attract quality leads, but you must also actively engage with your audience and be consistently willing to adapt to meet their needs and stay ahead of the market trends.

When video marketing becomes a part of your B2B social strategy, it can increase customer engagement, brand awareness, social media following, and business sales! If you feel intimidated by developing video content, if you don’t have the time to spend editing, or if you just are unsure of where to begin – we can help! We would love to chat and determine the best video marketing strategy for your business!

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