Best Small Business SEO Services & Practices for 2023

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Finding small business SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) is no easy task for sure. With SEO being such a complex process, it’s hard to know which search engine optimization services are worth it, and which aren’t.

If you are a small business owner looking for SEO services to improve your website visibility and traffic, this article can be your guide.

Why Should You Invest In SEO Services?

In general, small businesses lack brand awareness and quality promotion.

Although you can easily build a website, you still need to write search-engine-optimized content to boost your website. If your content isn’t search engine friendly, your website won’t get any traffic.

If you are a small business trying to build brand awareness, PPC (Pay-per-click) may be a viable option to get faster results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the other hand, is a long game.

As a small business owner, you can choose to invest money into PPC and get fast results, or, you can invest time into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get the greatest return on investment.

The key here is to get started as early as possible. Starting late only allows your competitors to get ahead.

What Are Some Small Business SEO Services You Should Consider?

small business SEO services

Small business SEO services differ from business to business.

Are you a local business owner? Or do you own a medium-sized business with multiple locations?

Let’s go through multiple categories to better understand some of the most crucial SEO services.

Technical SEO

URL and Site Structure:

You want to get it right from the start to avoid issues in the future. URL is a link between your website and user, so naturally, it’s very important. URL structures can impact your SEO ranking and website traffic.

Search engines like Google look for URLs that are indexable and unique. Because web development sites make it so ‘easy’ to build websites using templates, people often neglect the URL structure.


Images are one of the biggest problems when it comes to loading times. Load times can seriously impact your web ranking.

You have to be mindful of image compression when building websites. This is why it’s important to work with professionals for small business SEO services.

SEO Content Marketing

Keyword Research:

The purpose of keyword research is to find keywords relevant to your business and use these keywords to improve your website visibility.

The more visible your website is, the easier it will be to build brand awareness and get traffic.

Keyword research is one of the most crucial small business SEO services. We’ve covered this topic in more detail before. Read Keyword Research Tips From an SEO Marketing Agency.


It’s not possible to have a good digital presence without SEO copywriting services. With SEO copywriting, you can create search engine-friendly content relevant to your business. The better your copy is, the better your search engine rankings.

We’ve covered this topic more in detail before. Read SEO Copywriting Services to Bring Organic Traffic & Leads.

Local SEO

Google My Business

If you own a small local business, you must be on Google My Business.

Setting up a business profile isn’t difficult, but managing it may be. Posting frequent updates, filling up the business profile, and making sure the business hours are correct are some of the best practices for GMB.

Social Media

In local search results, social media channels can rank pretty high.

Optimizing social media channels & posts with the keywords you’re targeting each month can help your SEO game.

If your posts are only promotional, people won’t engage with your content. To receive higher engagement, you should post quality content and also engage with your audience.

Including a CTA (call to action) in each post is important. Without clear links and CTAs, your potential buyers may struggle to find a way to buy your products/services.

Is Paying for Small Business SEO Services Worth It?

small business SEO services

Here are some reasons why Small Business SEO Services can take your business to the next level.

It’s a great way to improve brand awareness through organic search engine results.

If you are a small local business struggling to reach your audience, the first step you should take is building brand awareness.

While awareness ads on social media can help you do that, they may be expensive and not reach your targeted audience.

Building brand awareness through organic search results is a great way to start. Small business SEO services like SEO copywriting, or SEO content marketing can make a big impact on your digital marketing.

Small businesses can increase their visibility and website traffic through search engine optimization – no matter the type or size of your business.

It gives you an opportunity to compete with bigger competitors.

If you are losing potential customers to bigger businesses, you have to start optimizing your online presence!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to any type of business, no matter the size. If there are larger businesses in your industry, SEO services can help you catch the attention of potential customers.

Why You Should Contact CM2 Media for Small Business SEO Services

At CM2, we know the significance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not only do we understand the power of SEO, but we know how to customize an SEO strategy to the advantage of your small business or organization.

We are a digital marketing agency in Burlington that lives and breathes all aspects of online SEO, SEM, and other properties of the digital space. Through our combination of valuable insights, creative ideas, and technical competencies, we take on challenges no matter the size.

We are located in Burlington, Ontario and we serve the Halton region and beyond. So contact us today about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs and find out how we can put our small business SEO services to work for you.

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