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Improve SEO – What You Need To Know

Here’s a question for you – what is the overarching goal of search engine optimization or SEO? Getting more people to discover your website is the standard answer. In fact, the true purpose of SEO is not only to generate traffic; it should attract more high-quality prospects.

To make the leap from attracting visitors to attracting leads, it helps to know a lot about the people who have travelled that path – your customers. What are they searching for, where are they searching, what types of information are they looking for, and what kinds of signals are they giving off before they buy?

Answers to these questions can help you guide your SEO efforts to get more potential buyers to your website when they are ready to buy.

Where are Customers Searching – Part I

Improve SEO Burlington Marketing AgencyLet’s be honest. They are probably searching Google, just like the 90% of the internet users out there. Knowing that the next most popular search engine, Microsoft Bing has 85% less traffic might lead you to believe it is safe to ignore. But if you know your customers well, you may think differently.

Bing is more likely to have a higher share of searches for older customers simply because Bing is the default search engine for Windows and Microsoft browsers. Older, less tech-savvy users don’t necessarily know or care to change the default settings, so they stick with Bing.

If your business sells to other businesses, your customers may be more likely to use Bing because some companies mandate using Microsoft browsers. On the other hand, companies using Google Business Suite will use Chrome and Google by default.

Where Customers are Searching – Part II

The difference between search engine results on desktop computers and mobile devices is minimal. However, what they search can vary enough that you should want to know what devices your customers typically use to search. For instance, local searches tend to happen more frequently on mobile devices than desktops.

Corporate users are more likely to be on a desktop, as are seniors users. Younger people are likely to search for information on a mobile device. Shopping for consumer products is more likely to occur on mobile devices. However, business services and B2B products are more likely to be searched on a desktop.

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While you will always do SEO for mobile and desktop, knowing what devices your customers are likely to use can help you better focus your efforts to improve SEO results.

What Customers Are Looking For

Search engines are crunching the data from hundreds of factors in the fraction of a second it takes to deliver results. But keywords are still at the heart of the search. Keywords are simply the easiest way to match people’s queries with websites that contain the same keywords.

Knowing what words your customers used to find you can help you hone in on what other prospective customers may be using to improve SEO. Now that search engines have evolved to recognize natural language queries, listening to your customers is even more important.

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Take note of what they say, read their emails, and pay attention when they interact with your social media to get better insight into how they found you.

Your Customer Profile Contains Clues

Identifying the common characteristics of your customers can help target SEO to find more people like them. Use the information you have from your CRM and make a point of gathering information from your sales team and other front-line staff to improve SEO results.

What questions are they asking at the beginning of the buying process? What are they asking at the time they are ready to purchase? Use that information to tailor SEO for your top, middle and bottom of the funnel content on your website.

The more you know about your customers, the more you can focus your efforts to improve SEO. Doing so allows you to reach your customers where they are looking, with the information they want, for better results. Get help from SEO experts who use a framework for establishing how to improve SEO to help you grow your business.

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