Graphic Design Trends of 2022

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Upcoming Graphic Design Trends of 2022

As 2022 emerges, so do new graphic design trends that will define the coming year. Some are adaptations of previously existing methods, while others are just starting to garner use within the world of graphic design.

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The past year has been unusual and often new changes in creative marketing methods have been overlooked as we are constantly bombarded with other information. Though this does not mean it is any less important for designers and business owners alike to keep up to date on how they should present themselves to their respective audiences.

These are some upcoming graphic design trends that every marketing creative should keep in mind, and we believe will only become more popular in 2022.

1: Motion Graphics

As our social media feeds are saturated with content it is often difficult to discern between professional and amateur design work. With phone cameras and software getting more user-friendly it is easier to make photography and illustration appear as if it was professional.

Though a professional always knows to think one step ahead to an untapped method, and we are starting to see this through the incorporation of motion design in this year’s graphic design trends. The movement does not have to be drastic, but if utilized effectively can cause the user to stop scrolling.

Graphic Design Trends Motion Graphics

These graphics differentiate themselves from the rest of a static feed by leading the eye from the centre of the screen to other areas. They also force the user to halt their feed to watch the content complete itself, like a short video!

Movement should be a key consideration in retaining user attention and standing out amongst a saturated feed in your graphic design trends of 2022.

2: Bold Colours

A lot has changed over the past two years despite the world seemingly standing still. The use of colour and its creative application in graphic design trends has developed dramatically as we shift into a (hopefully) bold and bright new year.

Previously dominated by monochromatic and minimal palettes, creatives are now not seen as eccentric when incorporating bold, saturated colours within their work.

Bold Color Graphic Design Trends

These designs are often a throwback to early digital art that incorporates irregular neon colours to evoke a sense of positivity.

Choices like this can be seen within companies as large as Apple and Netflix, who in the past have shied away from strong use of colour in favour of minimal palettes.

3: Serif Fonts

It is impossible to talk about a shift in graphic design trends without addressing the use of fonts. They are key to any company’s visual identity, sometimes even more telling than a logo!

As previously mentioned, minimalism has dominated the creative space for many years. Though much like the current shift in the use of colour, serif fonts have gained utility over the past year and will continue to do so into 2022.

Serif Fonts Graphic Design Trends

The utility of serifs is that much like bold colour, they can convey personality more effectively and stand out on a social feed, website, and print! If done correctly they can be more flexible than a sans serif typeface, acting as a wordmark or standalone logo.

Retro is a dominant influence in the graphic design trends space whether we like it or not, and nothing screams retro more than a custom serif font.

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