The Easy Guide to Social Media for Small Business

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Social Media for Small Business = Large Impact

Do You want to use social media for your small business but not sure where to start? Do you have a Facebook page but wonder where to go from there? This guide will help you take the next steps in the right direction and position your business for the best results with your social media accounts.

Determine Your Social Media Channels

Have you created a Facebook business page? Facebook is the best place to start due to the high number of monthly active users, 2.45 billion. It’s safe to assume your target audience has a presence here. After you create a Facebook page, you need to determine the other social media channels that are suitable for your brand and marketing strategy. If you have video content, I’d recommend starting a YouTube channel. After you upload your videos to YouTube, you can easily share them on your other social media channels. Plus, YouTube videos are excellent content to repost when you need to balance your social media calendar or if you are running low on content.

Social Media for Small Business: Recomendations

Next, I would recommend creating an Instagram account. Instagram follows behind Facebook with 1 billion monthly active users. Plus, Instagram has business friendly tools such as shop-able posts that link to your products. Another great feature of Instagram is the stories that you can use to show “behind the scenes” of your company. For example, you can create stories on how your products are made or simply talk to them about your day-to-day. Whether you need LinkedIn, Snapchat, or Twitter will depend on your target audience. LinkedIn is more beneficial to B2B (Business-to-Business) companies, whereas, Snapchat is a great way to reach Generation Z. Finally, Twitter is a great platform for providing brief updates and interacting with customers.

Create Content Using Agile Methods for Your Social Media for Small Business

Agile social media marketing means planning your content in small batches to allow for changes as you learn and grow. You can plan your social media calendar out for the year, but how would you stick to that schedule after learning what your top performing content is? I recommend planning your social content out one month at a time. I’m a huge fan of running tests and agile methodology values testing over opinions. Companies can plan large, expensive campaigns based on opinions but ultimately the customer will determine the most effective content to use. Furthermore, the social media marketing landscape is constantly changing due to current events. Agile can help your small business roll out top performing content at the right time while you learn, and continue to plan with greater insight. Plus, agile methods will help you set short-term goals and you can make adjustments as you achieve them.

Use Social Media Tools for Small Business

Researching Social Media for Small Business and feeling overwhelmed by the number of options? There are many websites and mobile apps designed to save time and make producing social media content easier. Below are the tools that I recommend using for Social Media for Small Business:

Make the Right Choices for Social Media for Small Business

Remember this key takeaway: take small steps in the right direction.You don’t need a presence on every social media channel with a year of content mapped out. You just need to be strategic, create agile content, and use the tools that are available. As a small business owner, your time is limited, so perhaps delegate social media to an employee who can give it regular attention, or engage an outside expert. That’s where CM2 Media comes in. CM2 Media is a digital marketing company that specializes in setting up businesses with solutions that will work for them. Contact us to find out how CM2 Media can help you with your Social Media for Small Business and how to market your business with other digital solutions like Website Development, SEO, SEM, Google, AdWords, Video and more.

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