How Has TikTok Changed Social Media Marketing?

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Since it’s launch in 2016, TikTok has grown to become a global phenomenon. It has garnered over 800 million users around the world and continues to grow exponentially. TikTok is for users of all ages and backgrounds since it’s content and feed is catered to every individual’s personal tastes and interests. From dance tutorials, vlogs, reactions, pranks, skits, gaming, and more, there seems to be no limit to what type of content is available on TikTok. Concerning TikTok, the app has become one of the world’s most powerful social media marketing tools and has changed the way in which companies and organizations connect with their target audiences.

Not only has TikTok changed the way we consume social content, but it is a crucial tool for businesses looking to maximize their social media marketing efforts. TikTok also helps companies track their social media progress by providing useful analytic features which subsequently help them make data-driven decisions. Simply speaking, Tik Tok has been a complete revolution to the way in which companies strive to reach their targeted demographic and advertise their products and services. Let’s go through the ways this unique application has taken the social media industry by storm.

High engagement:

TikTok not only carries a massive user base, but also one of the highest engagement rates of any social media platform. Users are seen spending about 52 minutes per day on the application which is a great recipe for exposure and social media growth. Not only does it’s unique interface cover a user’s entire mobile screen, but interactivity is also increased by giving users the ability to engage and connect with other content and creators. Hashtags and “challenges” are great examples that help expand TikTok’s outreach to larger, more specific audiences as well as allow influencers to hop on trends that keep their followers hooked. These features and additions are all part of the process TikTok uses to attract more users and increase engagement.

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Targeted advertisements:

TikTok helps businesses and creators cater their ads to a specific audience as a result of their user’s demographics and interests. This means that businesses maximize their ad budget by spending money on ads that actually reach their intended audience. The application is such a popular marketing tool to tap into that some influencers even hire TikTok Ad managers. CM2 media is an example of this as we possess social media experts that help businesses tap into TikTok’s gold rush of engagement.


TikTok is a domain of creativity. The application has features that allow creators to customize and edit their content however they’d like. TikTok’s extensive editing features help make their users’ posts more polished and aesthetically pleasing compared to content uploaded on other platforms. Anyone on the app can add text, stickers, sound effects, and more to their videos to achieve a professional look that is unparalleled on other social applications.

Low barrier to entry:

While TikTok may have a multitude of creative editing features, it’s not a complicated application to use and has a low barrier to entry for businesses compared to other social media platforms. The interface is simple and smooth, encouraging businesses of all sizes to create and share their content. The diversity of posts featured on the app has transformed TikTok into a diverse hub filled with differing views and opinions that all come together to create an entertaining and engaging experience.

Viral potential:

Many people know someone who’s gone viral on TikTok. The potential of virality on the app is much higher than other apps for the reasons we’ve explained. Virality propels any account or video to a wider audience of users. This is great for any business or company that is striving for brand awareness and a larger market share.

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