The Power of Infographics in Marketing

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What to Know About Infographics

We cannot stress the importance of marketing your business in a way that captivates the increasingly short attention span of their customers and keeps them engaged.

If you haven’t already tried using infographics to market your business, there’s no better time to start than the present! Did you know that studies show that a whopping 90% of online users find infographics helpful, while 70% of customers admit that infographics helped them to visually connect with a brand. So, what exactly makes infographics so effective in the marketing world, and where should you use them for your business? Read more to find out how!

What Are Infographics and Why Are They So Powerful?

An infographic is a visual representation of data through images, colours, charts, and minimal text. When it comes to marketing, creating branded infographics helps potential customers connect with your brand, learn valuable information, and customers are more likely to share your infographics with others, too.

They Are Engaging and Easy To Read

They Benefit SEO

An infographic design isn’t just engaging and easy to read, it also positively benefits your brand’s SEO! Content that is visually appealing is considered ” shareable”, which means that an infographic can end up generating a higher amount of engagement, and website traffic from your target audience. When using an infographic design on your website, Google will take notice of the increase in website traffic through its ” Page Rank” algorithm and will actually rank your website higher in search results.

An Infographic Design Can Help Your Brand Look More Credible

Customers want a brand they can trust. When you choose to use infographics to either market your products or just share information, your customers will find you more credible.
If you’re a passionate business owner, you want to have a compelling way to showcase your expertise in your chosen field. Whether it’s sharing what you’ve learned in your industry or about the products and services you offer, presenting valuable information through infographics help you tell it in a meaningful way. Having a positive effect on potential customers will allow them to view your brand as valuable and credible, which will make them more likely to return.

Where Are Some Good Places to Start Using An Infographic Design?

We’ve discussed how powerful infographics can be in your business marketing strategy. Here are a few key places you can start utilizing infographics on your digital platforms.

Social Media

Using infographics for social media posts will help your business profile look more attractive, and will boost engagement on your social media platforms. The primary goal of your social media presence is to get followers liking, commenting, sharing, and reposting. Infographics will certainly assist with accomplishing this goal.

Your Website

If your brand has a blog, try combining text with an infographic to assist with visual storytelling. Again, combining text and imagery creates more engaging content which will keep your customers interested in reading your blogs, while also boosting your website’s Google search ranking. This is a great place to start using an infographic on your website!

Your Email Marketing

Want more results from your brand’s email promotions and offers?
Using an infographic to help promote your products or services as well as events, makes your email marketing stand out while looking professional. A well-executed email marketing campaign will entice more people to click your CTA buttons. Don’t underestimate the positive impact infographics can have on your email marketing analytics!

Want to Know More to Ask About Infographic Creation

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