Instagram Threads: A Social Media Agency’s Considerations

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As a top marketing agency in Burlington, we are constantly researching current trends and updates in the social media world. We strive to stay on top of these changes as they move at the speed of light, allowing us to deliver success to each of our clients. This being said, there is a new social media platform that is sparking traction.

Say hello to the new social media app, Instagram Threads. Owned by the one and only, Meta, it is a very similar platform to that of Twitter. If you have not already noticed, Threads is taking the internet by storm creating a conversation between users. 

What is Threads?


Threads is Twitter’s newest rival to the social space. Its inception comes from the disappointment of Twitter users after Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. One setback to using Twitter includes setting a temporary limit on how much content users can view each day.

Threads, on the other hand, has taken the opportunity to capitalize on this and grow its Instagram user base. Looking very similar to Twitter, its feed is primarily dominated by text-based content, where people can have real-time conversations. However, users are also free to post photos or videos.

Threads for Businesses

Bringing a refreshing experience to a familiar networking platform, it is expected to offer many benefits to communicating with your customers, followers, and partners. From a social media agency’s perspective, it is a great alternative to stay connected with your customers and remain successful. 

As a business engages on social media, it is an easy method to create a professional network to ensure important updates will quickly reach the right people. So, no more worrying if your important email will get lost in a client’s junk mail. 

Essentially, it is a clutter-free means of communication.

How Do You Integrate Threads Into Your Marketing?

As a business, you do not need to worry about creating a strategy for Threads just yet. Our social media agency, CM2 Media, recognizes that results do not happen overnight, especially if you are a small business and adopting something new. So, for now, just think of it in a sense of personal conversation. 

Keep in mind, this is a very new platform that everyone is getting adjusted to. In the beginning stages, it is merely a fun learning curve. Everyone wants to join the wave and see what the hype is all about. For now, use the app as an outlet for entertainment and observing what others are doing or posting. This can include other businesses, creators, marketers, or consumers. 

Explore the App


First and foremost, download the app. Scroll, follow, like, and comment. Get to know the app just like you know Instagram. Since Threads is an extension of Instagram, it allows the option for your followers to follow the same accounts they do on Instagram. This way you can easily follow the same users on Threads and begin the conversation.

The app integrates Instagram’s existing aesthetic and navigation system and has the option to share posts from Threads directly to Instagram Stories. Using this option allows for cross-promotion where your own Instagram followers can see you have a Threads account and might entice them to also follow you on the new app.

Meta is very good at creating a personalized algorithm pieced together just for you.

Therefore, interacting and engaging with like-minded accounts will help generate more content that you will be interested in. In turn, you will be able to see more relevant accounts and stretch your reach to those interested in your area of work.

Our social media agency has already seen big brands jumping on board, so following similar brands to that of your own could be very beneficial. You can see what industry competitors are posting and observe the traction they may or may not be getting from their loyal following base.

Posting on Threads

Take the early stages of Threads as the perfect time to test out content. There is a high possibility that your own follower base will transfer to Threads, given its nature and controversial popularity.

Since it is very similar to Twitter, you will want to connect with your Instagram community through more text-based content. If you already have a business Twitter account, you can even repurpose its own content and evaluate how it compares on Threads. Compare its engagement on both platforms and see what works best. Look for things such as likes, comments, and shares.

Keep in mind the message you want to convey, though. Our social media agency recommends keeping the same tone of voice and messaging that is consistent with your brand. For instance, if you have a younger demographic, Threads might be the perfect place to experiment with memes. Engaging in a friendly manner that is aligned with your followers’ interests demonstrates the personable side of your small business. In turn, it generates loyalty amongst your own demographic.

Take Your Time

Everyone is in the same boat; users are not quite sure how to use the platform yet or what some common themes will be. Meta themselves are still evaluating the platform and learning how it is being used. This means it can completely change by next week.

This being said, take your time. There is no rush to push content every hour, or even every day. For now, create an account so your followers can easily find you cross-platform. 

New feature updates or changes are destined to come into play very quickly. So, there is no right or wrong content to share on Threads in these early days. Try not to be too serious with the content or rush anything. 

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, has already mentioned that changes and recommendations will be rolling out in the near future. Until then, have fun and connect with like-minded people while Meta themselves continue to evolve the app.

A Social Media Agency’s Recommendations

As a successful social media marketing agency in Burlington, Ontario, CM2 Media understands that adopting new features or social media platforms can be difficult. However, we remain successful in delivering results via social media marketing. 

If Threads is something you are interested in integrating into your business’s social media marketing strategy, contact us today to work with the best. Contact us today to find out how we can help. Follow us for more on Linkedin or Instagram.