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The Key Players at an Agency for Your Website Development

As a digital marketing agency, one of our specialities is website development and design. Our team offers great insight into website trends and has a wide range of skills in order to get your business the design, functionality and content it needs to acquire leads and sales that matter.

Often clients looking for website development consider price as the only factor that matters. Price, although one major factor, should only be that, one factor.

How your business is positioned, how it looks, how your customers find you and what the brand experience matters a lot with today’s online customer.

In order to satisfy the growing needs of today’s online world, we take an entrepreneurial focus to help get you what you need to grow your business. Our staff is equipped to handle all of the necessary elements that go into building a top-notch website for your business.

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Here is a look at the roles we offer when building a new business website and website development:

Project Lead

This is the person that oversees the entire operation. They are experienced in most, if not all facets of website design and development. They understand current trends in design, encoding and SEO in order to get the website project to succeed. They talk with the client and establish the goals and proper scope of work for the website development.

Project Manager

This is the person that gathers all necessary information from the client and relays it to the website design and development team. They are the “Go-To” person for the client. Everything is relayed through them as it pertains, to milestones, deliverables, meetings and budget. They are the liaison that keeps the project flowing from start to finish to ensure it is delivered on time and on budget.

Content Strategist

The content strategist is a senior person that knows how to message for your brand. Questionnaires are utilized and interviews occur in order to get an understanding of your business. This way the copy and design of your website will have a flow that showcases what you want to sell and how to easily get that information in a professional tone.

The web designer follows the content direction from the content strategist in order to get a great looking website that converts online leads into sales.

Website Designer

The website designer is a person that does just that, they design the website. They are an experienced graphic artist that has a web focus. They understand the client needs and how it applies to current design trends. They take a mobile first approach when laying out the home page, internal pages, header, navigation, footer and graphical elements.

They consider all User Experience elements in order to get a great website completed that will bring in new business. All designs are passed onto the website programmer in an efficient manner that is achievable in all current web browsers.

Website Programmer

The website programmer is the one that handles all of the code. They do it based on what platform was selected and what language to encode in. Sometimes there are multiple languages and needs that will make your website that much better. These people speak in code, understand how to create consistent and optimized code and get the best results for the chosen server environment and the overall website development.

Quality Assurance Tester

This is the person that reviews all pieces of the website. They analyze it in the typical browser combinations that exist, on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. They test the URLs, page links, buttons and images to ensure everything works in an optimized fashion for the website development.

SEO Optimizer

The last person to touch your website is the SEO Optimizer. This person gathers your current SEO results with Google and ensures that the new website will maintain those results, and improve upon them. Your new website may need URL redirects, image optimization, page optimization, content writing and strategy applied to the website development.

As you can see. There are many touchpoints from our experts. What they do prior to launching your website is key to its success in the online world. If you are looking for a website that will be built to grow your business, keep these positions in mind and ask, “Does the company I am working with handle all of this responsibility?”

Your website is the storefront of your business. Hiring a digital marketing agency or qualified web development team to build and maintain your new website will ensure its success.

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