KPIs of a Great Social Media Marketing Campaign

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KPI’s are how we measure success. They are the ways in which we can assess whether or not our strategies and plans are truly reaping the benefits and results that we seek. When it comes to KPI’s in the social media marketing space, every digital marketing agency recognizes that a great social media marketing campaign is integral to developing a brand or business’s online reputation and helping them reach its target audience.

As with any investment, you expect to see appreciating results and a positive ROI. So how can we really tell if our social media efforts are truly performing well for a business? Unfortunately, knowing what specific information and results to report on can sometimes appear to be challenging.

The best digital marketing agency is one that understands which social media KPIs you should specifically be tracking to better help your team stay focused on metrics that are accurate determinants of performance and progress.

Having a good understanding of which social media goals you want to reach can help accelerate your brand’s rate of development by exposing strengths in your strategy and revealing other areas for improvement.

Social media metrics can be quite broad given the variety of social channels available today, but almost all applications offer the same if not similar features that must be tended to by every digital marketing agency.

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How Expansive Reach affects your Social Media Presence

Reach is a particularly important metric that provides a clear indication of how many people your digital content is actually “reaching”. It is especially integral to applications such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

“Reach” refers to the approximate number of individual signed-in users that view your social content. A digital marketing agency would use your social reach metric to help quantify things like ​​the awareness of your brand, who your demographic is, other audiences you could tap into, and the progress of your growth.

Understanding your reach is important because it lets you know how much content is actually exposed to your audience across social channels. The reach metric also gives insight into whether a post or piece of content isn’t performing very well.

For example, if a post has a very large reach amongst users, but a low number of interactions or conversions, then that is probably a sign that this post needs to be changed up or tweaked.

Increase Average Video Watch Time using Social Media Strategies

Using video content-based platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok, one may think that a high number of views is an indication of great content. In reality, the total amount of time your users actually spend watching your videos will provide you with a clearer picture of the engagement levels of your posts.

Average video watch time helps you view your content from the perspective of your audience. This metric is helpful in deciphering how to retain current followers and subscribers while simultaneously attracting new ones. When videos are created, the creator posts them under the impression that their content will be watched in its entirety.

While great content gets overlooked all the time, the social space is competitive, and followers, viewers, and subscribers must be accommodated. For example, if your video is 3 minutes long and 1000 viewers are averaging 2 minutes of watch time, this means that your content needs to be more engaging or perhaps the video is just too long.

Even the best marketing agency understands the importance of experimenting with different video times and paying close attention to their average video watch time metrics.

A High Number of Impressions is important for Digital Growth

While reach is extremely important, the pivotal role that impressions play in the social media space cannot be overlooked. While many like to group the terms “reach” and “impressions” together, impressions are a little bit different. Your reach is defined by the total number of users that have seen your content while impressions take account of the total number of times your content was viewed.

This means that if somebody watches your video twice, your total reach is 1, but your number of impressions is 2. To understand it simply, impressions monitor the number of times your content appears on any screen. Impression metrics show if your content is keeping viewers engaged and helps you understand the context and effect of your digital prowess.

CM2 Media’s Approach to Social Media Marketing

While we provided some excellent insight into social media metrics that are most frequently used in the digital space, remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg. At CM2 media we’re fully equipped with the right knowledge to set you up for success. The best marketing agency is one that understands its customers.

At CM2 Media marketing agency, we take a professional approach when comprehending who we’re working with and what they’re looking for. We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating engaging content and helping businesses get noticed online.

Located in Burlington, Ontario, our team of experts is proficient in helping businesses big and small step up their social media game. Contact us today about your social media marketing in the New Year!

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