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Google is just one of many Search Engines

It has been a long time since Google has worked its way into the zeitgeist by becoming so common that we turned it into a noun. According to the latest estimates from 2021, Google has more than 86% of the global search engine market. Microsoft’s Bing is a distant second with almost 7% and Yahoo with slightly less than 3%. It makes sense that the majority of your resources and effort spent on SEO should go towards optimizing for Google. But can you ignore the other search engines?

Most SEO experts caution against putting all of your SEO eggs into the same basket. After all, you may be missing out on a significant chunk of your audience who don’t use Google. You’ll also be gambling that you’ll never suffer a sudden drop in Google rankings, and that you can successfully beat out the high competition on Google.

The Other Search Players

Google catapulted to the top of the search engine market because it has continuously innovated and evolved to deliver better and more relevant results. Being the default search engine for the popular Google Chrome browser didn’t hurt either. However, there are many other search engine choices out there.

For example, Bing is the preferred search engine for Microsoft’s Edge browser, a standard on most new Windows-based PCs. As such, Bing enjoys a larger market share of less tech-savvy audiences and some corporate audiences locked into using Edge on their network. Yahoo! and Apple’s Safari also use Bing as the basis of their search engines.

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Other search engines are purpose-driven, such as DuckDuckGo. Millions of users choose DuckDuckGo because it does not track user searches. Search engines focused on social good include those assisting charities in fundraising or donating a portion of their profits to planting trees, supporting clean water initiatives and other social causes.

Many of these smaller search engines use Google or Bing as the basis of their search results, with additional factors built in to focus on the results their users are looking for.

Amazon Search Engines

Don’t Overlook These Search Engines

Most people think of Amazon as a shopping platform first. However, it is one of the most active search engines in the world. Similarly, YouTube has more than 2 billion active users per month, all performing searches on YouTube’s search engine to find video content.

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Insulating Your Business Against Change

The problem with focusing your SEO efforts on Google only is that, at any given time, your website is one update away from a drop in SEO ranking and page views. Google doesn’t make significant changes to its algorithm very often. But when it does, it can have a significant impact on your rankings. The stronger your results are on other search engines will help insulate your business from this impact until you can recover from the update.

Less Competition and Greater Conversion

If you are expending all of your SEO effort on Google, then you can be sure your competition is too. Smaller search engines tend to be less competitive, making it somewhat easier to rank highly for your keywords. As an added bonus, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo tend to have consistently higher conversion rates than Google making them difficult to ignore.

Optimizing Outside of Google

Every search uses similar factors relating to keywords, content relevance and authority, to rank search results, differing in the relative importance of those factors.

Ultimately, the content most likely to perform well on any search engine is well-written, containing a variety of keywords relevant to the subject matter, and links to other internal and external sources.

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Don’t forget about optimizing video content on YouTube, social media content and e-commerce listings as well. Doing so helps increase visibility and provides valuable backlinks to your website that helps build authority with search engines.
A good SEO program includes strategy and tactics that allow you to rank on any search engine consistently.

A combined approach of using keywords, longtail, meta descriptions, backlinks, images, alt tags and location information will get the job done, but it can be a lot to manage. Engage an SEO partner with experience and a proven record of building SEO success to help you get it right.

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