Social Media Tips For Small Businesses in 2021

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Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

In 2020, we saw the importance of social media for small businesses move from something that you should probably have towards becoming a crucial part of driving sales, increasing and improving engagement with customers, and raising brand awareness. Social media is a powerful asset for growing your business in 2021. Here are some social media tips we have compiled to help you manage your small business’ social media presence.

1. Schedule a Baseline of Posts

You may be thinking social media is something that you can focus on whenever you have time, but consistent, authentic posts are key. Don’t worry! You don’t need to spend all day managing your social media accounts either. There are plenty of helpful social media managing tools available to help you schedule your posts in advance. It’s important to establish a baseline of posts, pre-determining how often you want to post each week. Scheduling also allows you to track your engagement and the impact of your posts. You can always make adjustments to your schedule and content calendar but remember that building organic traction on social media takes time. 

2. Analyze What Is Working (and What Isn’t)

Once you develop a posting schedule, track the progress of your posts. You can vary the time you post to determine which time attracts the most engagement. Maybe video posts will attract more attention than posting photos. What works best for your small business might not be the same as what works for another. For better analysis, consider investing in monthly, custom reports that can tell you whether your Instagram feed is driving more sales or at what rate your follower count is increasing and what demographic your followers are. Creating custom analytics reports based on your brand strategy and objectives are a key part of tracking your social media success.

3. Own Your Personality

In most cases, you will not gain followers and maintain engagement solely because of the product or services you offer. Your product or service may attract someone to your business page, but the content you post and captions that showcase your brands’ personality are what will make them follow your page. Generic posts might be tempting because they are easier to create, but taking time to develop authentic content creates a connection with fans that appreciate and relate to your style. Social Media also gives you a way to listen and engage with your audience. A few important considerations to keep in mind when determining the social media persona that is right for your business are deciding what tone you want–funny, serious, informative, etc., and what brand values you want to convey to your followers.

4. Use Social Media to Enhance Your Customer Service and Increase Loyalty

Social media is a great way to enhance your customer service and is an essential part of developing brand loyalty with your customers. Allowing your customers to have quick responses from an empathetic human who wants to resolve their problems creates positive social interactions and connections with your customers. Maintaining consistent and fast communication within your Instagram DMs or Facebook messages is an essential component of growing your social media presence successfully.

When you use social media correctly, it will increase your social media following, sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Using these social media tips will help you with your business. If your social media goals seem daunting or too time-consuming, let us help! We are a digital marketing agency located in Burlington, Ontario, that not only provides social media tips, we specialize in working with passionate small-to-medium sized business owners! Give us a call at 1-855-656-5262. Follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you about Social Media Tips for Small Business. We are located in Burlington, Ontario.