Creating A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

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Creating A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has become a necessary component of social media marketing. Your business could be targeting any demographic, and your audience will be consuming video on at least one social platform. Older generations tend to prefer YouTube and Facebook, whereas younger people share videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Piecing together a video marketing strategy can be a daunting task, so we have compiled some social media video marketing tips to help you feel more confident! 

1. Plan Your Social Media Video Strategy Ahead of Time

Deciding to film on the fly with an unplanned or unscripted vlog is not the best idea. It’s important to create a plan that involves determining a clear message you want to get across to your audience. Align the majority of your video content with your broader social media marketing goals. If your main goal is to increase the awareness of your brand, then create videos that focus on creating brand awareness. Try to avoid coming across like a salesperson in all of your posts by having a healthy mix of conversion videos and videos your audience might find more appealing.

2. Tell A Story

The best way to connect with your audience is to share social media video that tells a story that evokes emotions. Telling a story is crucial for long and short videos, and all videos should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. For longer videos that feature a lot of dialogue, you might consider writing a script to ensure you properly tell the story with minimal pauses or mishaps. A short social media video can have a beginning, middle, and end wrapped up into one by choosing to focus on making a single point. Our social media strategist Christine Casarsa, says “Creating videos that are heartfelt or funny can dramatically increase your overall engagement and the effectiveness of your social media campaign.”

3. Quality Matters

Some people may assume that video quality might be less important for social media platforms considering much of the content is filmed with a mobile device. However, you must produce high-quality video content. Invest in a decent tripod to ensure the camera is steady, and choose to use an external microphone to eliminate extraneous sounds for better sound quality. If you must use your camera phone, there are tripods and audio equipment specifically designed for mobile phones to enhance your finished product. 

“The quality of your videos is a reflection of your brand and the perceived quality of your products and services,” says Mark Chyz, President of CM2 Media. 

4. Edit Your Videos

Never leave raw footage unedited. Cut out any footage that isn’t absolutely necessary. Long videos with excessive fluff are generally dull, boring and can make your audience quickly swipe to the next, more interesting post on their feed. To draw in your audience, you must get them interested within the first few seconds. You can accomplish this by adding sound effects, music, graphics, or subtitles.

5. Customize According to Platform

Filming a single video and creating identical posts for all of your social media platforms would be ideal, but for optimal results, that won’t work. Each social media platform has a different video length limitation and dimensions. The expectation of video length and video topic also varies depending on the social platform. 60% of consumers indicated a video being too long would strongly deter them from watching. Christine Casarsa agrees stating “Just because Facebook allows you to post social media videos that are 240 minutes long, does not mean you should be posting videos that are 240 minutes long! As a general rule, we try to keep our video content as short as possible while still maintaining the overall message we want to get across.” Creating custom content for multiple platforms can become quite time-consuming, so it is best to plan ahead! 

Seek Professional Assistance

When social media video marketing is done correctly, it can increase your brand awareness, customer engagement, social media following, and sales. If this process seems a little intimidating, we can help! We would love to chat about your needs to determine the best social media strategy for your business!

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