3 Fun Trending Reels on Instagram to Try for Your Business

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Trending Reels On Instagram In 2022

Looking for ideas for trending Reels on Instagram?

Reels receive 22% more engagement than regular video content. 

Following reels release, Instagram users have increased worldwide.

9 out of 10 users watch Reels weekly.

There’s no denying that Reels are an unbeatable trend you need to leverage ASAP. But the truth is, coming up with good content ideas is the hardest part of content creation! If you’re a business owner looking to jump on the trend, you might find it challenging to get started. Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, you’ll find ideas for trending Reels on Instagram that work for any niche! Let’s get you started!

1. A Day In the Life of *your job*

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The ‘day in the life of a *your job*’ trend is perfect if you’re looking to drive social growth. These trending Reels on Instagram help viewers feel more connected to influencers and brands on a personal level. It also helps influencers and brands to become more relatable and relevant, which is the ultimate goal of content creation. The more relevant your content is, the more likely you are to receive engagement.

These trending Reels on Instagram are super easy to create. You can start by filming parts of your workday. It can include your morning routine, your ride from home to work, a snippet of you in a meeting, and what you get up to after work. These types of videos can make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a business owner, you and your employees can record snippets of your days. You can gather these snippets and post them on your Instagram – the best part about creating videos is that you get to watch them as they take off!

These Reels can also encourage new hires to apply for open positions in your company. It gives them a clear idea of the company culture and what the job entails.

Posting trending reels on Instagram is a great way to introduce your business, product, or service to a bigger audience.


2. Life Hacks

If you are a passionate business owner, you know a lot about your industry. Whether it be things specific to your business or local area – you probably have expert tips and tricks that translate to a successful business. Recording these tips and tricks can help you attract more potential buyers to your business. Alternatively, you can work with an influencer to promote your business.

We’ve all used the internet to find product reviews before. And we all know that online product reviews can make or break someone’s decision to make a purchase.

trending reels on Instagram

This Reel, posted by an influencer, received over 6 million views. Now, imagine your product receiving over 6 million views – that would significantly increase your sales!

You can easily follow this Reels trend by recording your product/service and listing its benefits. The best part is that these videos can be turned into a series – giving you enough bulk content of trending reels on Instagram to post for the month.

3. How It’s Made

Often called ‘How It’s Made’ or ‘Process Timelapse’ or ‘Behind-the-Scenes’, these videos are guaranteed to capture the viewers’ attention.

trending reels on Instagram

This Reel was uploaded by a photographer who eventually received over 10K views. Whether you have a physical store location or work freelance – you can shoot behind-the-scene footage to promote your services.

If you are promoting a product, Reels allow you to showcase your product and explain the benefits of using it.

For example, you sell a skincare product. Hold the cream in your hand, and show the packaging, the product, and the texture. Apply the product on your skin, use the voice-over feature, and include clear before/after shots. Make sure you talk about all the benefits your potential customers may be interested in while also giving them an idea of things they can’t perceive from the video.

Best Practices for Trending Reels on Instagram That Work for Any Niche

Use Trending Audio

When an audio is trending, it means it grows in popularity. It also means the Instagram algorithm is boosting it.

Trending reels on Instagram are almost always posted with trending audio!

Use Trending Hashtags

Using hashtags is always a good practice on social media. Hashtags help attract potential customers, describe the type of content you post, and bring engagement.

Add Text/Icons on the Video for Context

Instagram allows you to add texts, captions, and even gifs on Reels. Be creative!

Keep It Short

Finally, remember to keep your videos shorter than 30 seconds. Users must watch your Reel to the end before scrolling away or engaging with it within a couple of seconds to make the algorithm favour your video.

Need More Tips?

Having a video marketing strategy and creating Reels takes time, and so does its success. At CM2 Media, we are a full-service marketing agency specializing in social media and video marketing. Chat with us and we can come up with a customized strategy for your business, and even create and edit trending Reels on Instagram for you!

Now that you have a couple of trending Reel ideas – go ahead and get started! Make sure you check out our Reels on Instagram and give us a follow!

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