Different Types of Video Marketing – Instagram Edition

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Instagram Has Different Types of Video Marketing

Instagram is the place for video marketing. You can use video on Instagram to increase engagement with your audience and convert views to website clicks and product sales. Did you know that video is becoming more popular than static images for sparking engagement?

We know that Instagram is a popular social media platform and offers different types of video marketing within the platform. Knowing what type of content works best to post for each format can get confusing. Especially if you’re a busy business owner! If you’re wondering what type of Instagram content would work best for your target audience, keep reading!

Instagram Video Posts

The first (and most important) takeaway stems from the October Instagram video update. This update combined IGTV’s long-form video and regular video uploads. Together the merged videos are simply called “Instagram video”.

What does this mean? Well, when people click on a video to watch it, they’ll immediately be able to tap anywhere on the video itself to view it full screen. You can then be led down a rabbit hole, scrolling to discover more content, or you can simply tap the back button to leave. It looks a little like the picture below.

Despite what might initially seem like a dramatic merger, this won’t really impact too much. The perfect video length on Instagram is still generally under 30 seconds. Keep in mind that Instagram feed videos now play automatically but won’t automatically play audio. This means that unless a user clicks on the video to enable sound, any audio cues will go unnoticed.

It is more important than ever to feature text captions or make your video stand out – without sound. Another important rule? Always take advantage of your thumbnails! Adding an eye-catching thumbnail will assist you with attracting an audience to your different types of video marketing. A simple trick is to add a title to your video as a text overlay. You can also pick an attention-grabbing cover photo (which you have the option of selecting when uploading).

Types of Video Marketing Instagram Posts

Instagram Stories

If you’ve ever used Instagram, you probably know what an Instagram story is. Instagram stories have quickly become the most popular video format to watch! Think you can just repurpose regular video posts for your Instagram stories? Think again! Instagram stories are meant to be less formal. They are for showing off the personal “behind-the-scenes” moments and creating more of a connection with your followers.

You don’t need to make things complicated with your Instagram stories! Post a boomerang of new inventory or your office holiday decor. Create a series of story polls to gather feedback from your viewers and allow them to easily engage with your account. Most importantly, make sure you are actively responding to any story replies or dms you might receive! This will greatly improve the quality of engagement with your video marketing.

Types of Video Marketing Instagram Stories

Live Videos

Instagram Live lets you broadcast a live video to all of your followers! This is an awesome way to interact directly with your followers and connect with them. These videos are meant to be spontaneous and “raw”. You don’t need to worry about your live video looking polished – people want to see the real you! One important reminder, do not go on Instagram Live for the sake of going live.

Make sure you have a purpose – like a product teaser or an announcement! The number one rule with live videos is to make sure they are genuine and authentic

Instagram Reels

If you’re familiar with TikTok, you will understand the initial criticism Instagram Reels received. There are a lot of similarities between reels and TikTok. However, recently, Reels have become incredibly popular, and that popularity will continue to increase. Reels are used by brands and regular users alike. So why are reels one of the most popular types of video marketing?

They are the posts most likely to be featured on the explore page! If your content is consistently visible on the explore page, this becomes a huge opportunity to expand your brand recognition and gain new followers (and customers).


Summary About the Types of Video Marketing

The power of using video on Instagram to attract customers cannot be stressed enough. If you have business growth on the brain – social media is one of the most important areas to focus on in 2022. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd in a sea of social content but if you continuously share compelling Instagram content that is created for your chosen audience, you will notice improvements in your following and even your website traffic.

One thing to keep in mind about social media – you don’t need to oversell your products and services to make an impact. Make sure you focus on entertaining and inspiring your followers. Teach them something new, and engage with them regularly. Utilize all of the forms of video mentioned in this article for the best results!

When you’re implementing a solid video marketing strategy as a part of your social media strategy, you can enhance your brand’s image, grow your audience, and increase your business sales just by implementing different types of video marketing! If this sounds confusing or if you just don’t have the time to figure out a strategy and develop different types of video marketing – our CM2 team can help!

Contact us to chat about your business needs and see where we can step in to assist you with growing your business including with different types of video marketing.

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