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Now that 2024 is in full swing, marketers are taking stock of the previous year and reevaluating their content strategies. One of the biggest trends from the past several years is still going strong: video marketing. Video has long been the king of content marketing, but shifting demographics and attitudes have also meant a change in the type of content users seek.

In this article, we’re examining video marketing trends for the coming year: what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what marketers can do to take advantage of the trends.

How Important is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is extremely important when it comes to social media. Almost every platform prioritizes video content, and users prefer interacting with video — 90% of consumers want brands to create more video content. So, what makes it so popular and effective?

  • Storytelling: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Whether informing or entertaining, video can quickly and effectively communicate to your audience better than any other format.
  • Reach: TikTok, a video-centric platform, generates roughly 1 billion daily views. Videos are big business, and you would benefit from a lot of potential reach by utilizing them.
  • ROI: Whether capturing leads or driving sales, video content has a great return on investment, with 90% of marketers thinking video provides a great ROI.
  • Mobile-first: 99% of social media users access their accounts with their phones. Creating bite-sized videos that quickly communicate your message is the ideal way to reach people on their phones.

Knowing that video marketing is important is step one on your marketing journey, but what can we expect in terms of video marketing trends in 2024?

Vertical Video: A Staple in Video Marketing Trends

We’ve already covered the fact that 99% of social media users access their accounts through their phones — and phones are vertically oriented. Increasingly, websites are being designed with the mobile experience as the priority. Even YouTube, the largest video hosting site in the world, has been steadily shifting to vertical videos through its “shorts.” Much to the chagrin of trained videographers, vertical video is here to stay.

Short-Form Content

While there’s no set rule about video length, short form generally refers to videos that are less than three minutes long. Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are prioritizing these types of videos because they’re what people want. With the average attention span currently sitting at just over 8 seconds, it’s no wonder that people crave quick content that’s easily digestible and to the point. In fact, many short-form videos are very short: between five and ten seconds.

The key takeaway here for video marketing in 2024 is to grab your audience’s attention as quickly as possible. Videos should front-load the important information with a strong hook and a solid call to action. Thankfully, short-form videos take less time and money to produce. Marketers can also repurpose longer videos into bite-sized content to maximize their output.

Silent Videos: Captions are a big part of Video Marketing Trends

Since most people access social media through their phones, it stands to reason that they are watching content on the go — including in places where playing sound could be rude. It may not be surprising to hear that more than 90% of people watch social media videos without the sound on. Captioning your videos is now a crucial step in ensuring your audience receives your brand message and CTA. Captions have the added benefit of improving your SEO (search engine optimization). Search engines will crawl video text for keywords, helping your video rank higher in online search results.

User-Generated Content (UGC – One of the most important Video Marketing Trends)

Audiences crave authenticity. In fact, authentic was the Mirriam-Webster word of the year. Creating content that feels honest and human is crucial for connecting with an audience. However, that can be difficult as a brand — especially bigger ones. That is where UGC comes in for video marketing.

User-generated content (UGC) is content that’s created by a customer and then repurposed by a brand on its social channels. Popular forms of UGC include testimonials, unboxings, demos, and tutorials. Many companies will send out samples or press kits to creators who they feel can connect with their audience. Utilizing UGC helps lend a brand credibility and trust and can generate a lot of word of mouth by tapping into a larger audience as one of the key video marketing trends of 2024 and beyond.

Video Marketing Trends 2024 Oakville Burlington Hamilton

Simplified Production

A few years ago, video production was costly — both in terms of money and time. Many marketers were forced to outsource to production companies with pricey equipment and video editing software. Video could take weeks to produce. A lot has changed since then.

One of the most popular Video Marketing Trends is that People are now used to seeing videos filmed on smartphones with minimal production values. Audiences crave authenticity, and a large, slick production is not authentic. Marketers can now bring video production in-house. A decent smartphone, a light or two, and a simple editing app are all you need to produce compelling content. There is also the bonus of how quickly this type of video can be created, meaning you can create more content with less effort.

Video Marketing Trends 2024 Oakville Burlington Hamilton

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