4 Quick Tips on Video Editing from a Video Marketing Agency

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Whether you are building a business or personal brand, videos have become the number one way to market across all digital and social media platforms. They are the single most effective way to showcase products, services, and testimonials. That is where a video marketing agency comes in.

With every platform having some sort of video integration both short and long, it’s important to optimize how the videos are edited. Presenting information without overloading the viewer is key. Often they will quickly move on to the next dopamine-inducing piece of content on their timeline.

Tip 1 from a Video Marketing Agency: Keep Video Content Short!

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The average attention span of a viewer is now 8 seconds. Most times, pertinent information will need to be presented immediately as a standard hook , unless of course there is a creative or trending/viral hook used to entice the viewer to carry on watching.

The upload time limits on TikTok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts are 10 minutes, 1.5 minutes, and 1 Minute respectively. Despite the range of allowable length, optimal content rewarded by the algorithm is usually under 30 seconds.

Social media platforms’ algorithms favour watch time over everything else. The longer a video is, the less likely a viewer is to continue watching to the end. The beauty in shorter video content lies in the ability to take long-form video and edit it into many individual pieces.

Tip 2 from a Video Marketing Agency: Keep Video Content Simple!

Video Marketing Agency Burlington - CM2 MEDIA

While you might be inclined to hop on the latest trends (more on that later) across social media, a lot of the time less is more. Quick and clean edits relating to the presentation of content, will go a long way in creating professional videos.

If you are a Medical Clinic offering a specialized service, the need for flashy transitions, overlays, and humourous content might not be appropriate for your first few posts.

The focus should be on the information being relayed not always the bells and whistles of the editor’s desire. This isn’t to say creativity should be stomped out of editing but rather done in a tasteful and content relative manner.

This is especially important when initially building brand awareness. Who and what you are should be presented immediately, the rest can come later.

Building upon simplicity includes ease of access for the viewer. The most effective type of video content will include subtitles or closed captions so that even without audio, the video content is relayed effectively and immediately.

Tip 3 from a Video Marketing Agency: Develop a Workflow!

From a video marketing agency perspective, a clear and repeatable workflow is essential. Develop a method of scrubbing and extracting content from long-format videos, create a template of overlays that convey branding, and finally, keep it consistent!

Having these in place will make the overall appearance of the content far more cohesive in future edits. Your branding should be in line across all platforms and immediately recognizable from repeat viewers.

Now, let’s imagine you want to edit a 30-minute podcast into 30-second short sound bites:

Your workflow would start with listening to the entire podcast and marking the sections containing clips you want to use.

From there, scrub through and chop up the clips removing as much filler as possible, the “uhms and uhhs” of a podcast need not be included in the content as they take up a valuable viewing time. (Within reason)

Format your clip’s resolution depending on the platform it will be posted to (Portrait vs. Landscape)

Once you have your set clips, develop clear and recognizable branding overlays onto the video, and perhaps the information of speakers, location, date, etc.

Level your audio across the clip to avoid any surprising shocks in loudness to the viewer and add/sync your subtitles.

Voila, it is time to export! You now have a plethora of video content to upload and a reliable workflow for future content.

Tip 4 from a Video Marketing Agency: Trends For Video Content!

Video Marketing Agency Burlington - CM2 MEDIA

With all of the above in mind, a clear message and brand have been established across the posted videos. With consistency, more viewership, interaction, and conversion will follow. At this point, you can look to expand and experiment with new and emerging trends across platforms while retaining the appropriate brand awareness and consistency.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what sounds and edit styles are trending across platforms. Note that the concept of creating a trending video as a business is to draw the audience to your other existing content that contains real information or calls to action.

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