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What Makes A Great Logo in 2022

The trend of “simplification” in logo design has been consistent for the past decade and for more than just aesthetic purposes. The change in how we interact with modern brands has made it so logos have to be flexible yet identifiable.

These are the two core elements that make up a good modern logo, but evolving trends mean simplification is not always the way to create an effective logo.

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When Designing a Great Logo Think of Flexibility

As stated previously, the simplification of logos is not purely for looks as it serves two purposes, flexibility, and recognition. A flexible logo has a shape that is easily legible at various sizes to fit onto as many products as possible and, most importantly, screen dimensions.

The shift to online shopping over the last decade has led companies to overhaul their online services, such as web and app development. With screens being the primary viewing point of consumers, the logo must be able to fit adhere to the UI restrictions of every device, whether on a desk or in hand.

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When Designing a Great Logo Make Sure it is Easily Identifiable

A good logo must also be identifiable, meaning it can be easily digested by the viewer as quickly as possible with little context. Examples of this would be driving past a billboard, seeing a wall filled with ads, and scrolling quickly through a social feed.

These circumstances mean a logo must be unique as to not blend in with surrounding content, but rather stand as a single visual that represents company values and beliefs. Currently, having a simple logo is a solution to making brands more identifiable by creating a unique shape that can stand out on a feed, but this trend is beginning to change.

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When Designing a Great Logo Make Sure it Has Personality

With more and more brands opting for a simplified logo as the “one sized fits all” solution for both flexibility and identification there is a loss of identity within the branding design space.

The oversaturation of simple logos means they no longer stand out as identifiable amongst a feed, news article, and can lack personality. Companies must now try and strike a balance when rebranding themselves, creating a logo that is both flexible and easily identifiable, while not losing their personality in the process.

This shift has been proven by upcoming design trends that move away from minimal motifs towards more eccentric branding, see our last graphic design blog to learn more about these trends.

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