Choosing design or SEO when it comes to your website

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When It Comes To Your Website Making Choices of SEO or Design With Your Website Matters

When it comes to building a new website, most business owners want their site to look great, have a bunch of bells and whistles and also have great search results with Google and other search engines (SEO).

The truth of the matter is, is it difficult to obtain both unless you have a very large budget. Working with small businesses most of the time, we often see budget being a major concern.


As an agency, how do we address the need for both a great design and positive SEO results when it comes to your website?

  1. Do a full evaluation of the business needs and goals
  2. Do a full evaluation of the current results with Google and other search engines
  3. Get feedback from the client on the look and feel of websites they like
  4. Establish a web design plan that incorporates a look and feel that works while still maintaining and/or improving the current SEO results
  5. Add in the proper redirects to pages that are not being carried over
  6. Map out new pages and URLs to assist in getting better traction with Google and other search engines

Educating our customers

When it comes to working on your website, we as a digital marketing agency have a responsibility to let our customers know the impacts of their choices. Too often we inherit poor work from web developers or web designers that don’t take the impact of the SEO results, speed of the website or how the design will function into account.

Your website needs to be technically proficient, and that is something most clients will not know anything about.

This is why it is important to work with someone that has your best interests in mind when it comes to building your website.

Web Design elements that impact SEO:

Google has many technical specifications that now impact your organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts when it comes to your website. If your website designer is aware of these key items, you can expect improved rankings right away:

  1. Responsive mobile layout that fits most current devices
  2. Responsive tablet layout that fits most current devices
  3. Responsive desktop layout that adapts to different browser and monitor sizes
  4. Size of your icons on your mobile and tablet layouts
  5. Size of your button on your mobile and tablet layouts
  6. URL structure
  7. Navigation structure
  8. Size of menus
  9. Size of mobile menus
  10. Load speed on mobile
  11. Load speed on tablet
  12. Load speed on desktop
  13. Hosting
  14. Audit errors

when it comes to your website choose seo or design

When It Comes To Your Website Have A Positive Impact on Your SEO

When launching a new website your goal as a business should be to have better customer engagement, better lead generation, better conversion and better organic SEO rankings.

Understanding what your goals are and the impact of your new website design on your SEO performance will help your business move forward.

When it comes to your website it is imperative that you do not lose keyword rankings and that your new website developer has a handle on all of the marketing impacts their new design will have including the impact on your SEO rankings.

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