Your Social Media Plan in 2022: Practices You Need

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2022 Practices To Add To Your Social Media Plan

We’re a few months into 2022. How have you elevated your social media strategy? If you’re brand new to social media and interested in optimizing your Instagram for business, check out our recent blog on “A 2022 Guide For Best Instagram Practices For Small Businesses.”

This simple guide will help set you up for success with your social media marketing.

Have you already dipped your toes into social media? If you have and you’re ready to further connect with your audience in 2022, read on! The following is a brief outline of the top 5 practices you should implement in your social media strategy in 2022.

From smaller initiatives to having conversations on inclusivity, there are many ways that you can improve your social media.

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1. The Rise of Mico-Influencers

A micro-influencer has a large social media following but not to the extent of a celebrity (micro-influencers have between 1,000 to 100,0000 followers). More and more brands are tapping into user-generated content (UGC)- because it works!

It’s 2022 – your audience doesn’t prefer interacting with brands that only showcase perfectly edited photos. Your audience connects with people that look like them! If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we all desire human connection!

Which includes being able to relate with brands whose values align with yours.

So, how can a micro-influencer help grow your brand on social media? Most micro-influencers will exchange their UGC for products or a fee. When you partner with a micro-influencer, ensure that you can check off the boxes for the following checklist:

  • Are they popular among your niche and audience?
  • Do they have impressive engagement and a social media following?
  • Can they provide you with content that aligns with your values?
  • Is their content inclusive/does it send the right message?

This leads to our next point, the power of inclusivity.

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2. Representation Matters With Your Social Media

You most likely have an established audience (if you don’t, CM2 can help!). Do you know your audience’s needs, desires and interests? Can you confidently list your brand’s target demographic?

While your niche can be super specific, your content still needs to be inclusive; this includes celebrating people of all colours, shapes, sizes and genders. If your brand is a “one size fits all” type of business, you might have issues resonating with larger masses with your social media.

We encourage you to think beyond what you believe your target demographic is to diversify your content and proudly represent all groups of people. The truth is, people are more willing and eager to support you if they can relate to your brand.

However, becoming a more inclusive brand should not be considered a trend. All businesses should strive to become more inclusive in an authentic way.

To establish an inclusive brand, firstly analyze your internal culture. Can your staff proudly say that they’re a part of a diverse company? Then, spend some time reflecting on your current social media strategy. Does your photography showcase diversity?

Sometimes, getting uncomfortable and having difficult conversations is the only way to grow and make inclusivity a norm.

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3. Untouched Photos

While this topic is more specific for certain industries, we’re still seeing a trending increase in untouched photos across social media. The “no filter” trend is on the rise and, depending on your brand, it might be a beneficial approach to your 2022 social media plan.

This type of content reminds us that social media is not always reality and that behind the filters, editing and makeup, we’re all humans. Millennials, in particular, resonate well with brands that celebrate self-love through unaltered photos and campaigns that empower people to love themselves, flaws and all!

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4. Social Media and E-Commerce

Are you an e-commerce brand? Have you optimized your social media platforms for shopping experiences? More and more people are using social shop functions to discover and buy new products! According to Statista, over 25 million Canadians are using social media platforms!

If you sell your products online and have set up an Instagram but not an Instagram shop, this is a huge missed opportunity! It’s time to set up your Instagram shop and optimize social media for your business. To learn more about the benefits of optimizing your Instagram for shopping, read our blog on “Why You Should Sell on Instagram Through Shoppable Posts.”

5. Interactive Stickers on Stories

Curious about how your customers feel about your new menu, new clothing collection or looking for opinions on a new product? Optimize social stories by incorporating sticker elements to receive customer feedback for FREE! For example, adding stories with interactive stickers to your social strategy is a great way to increase your engagement and reach customers who might not otherwise interact with your feed.

Let Us Help With Your Social Media Marketing in 2022

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