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5 things a website needs to be useful and effective in 2021

5 Things Your Website Needs in 2021

5 Things a Website Needs in 2021 Are you planning to build a new website or improve your existing one? A website’s average lifespan is only 2 to 3 years. In recent years people have become…

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Close shot of phone on wooden table, finger tapping screen. Social media tips

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses in 2021

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses In 2020, we saw the importance of social media for small businesses move from something that you should probably have towards becoming a crucial part of driving sales, increasing and…

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Alt Text Lightbulb image alt text in SEO

Using Images to Supercharge SEO

Using Images to Supercharge SEO Using ALT Text with Images serves several vital functions on your website. Images not only make your website look nice but they break up large blocks of text, making them easier…

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The words brand strategy written in a spiral notebook. Cm2 Media blog on the basics of Brand Strategy for your business.

What is Brand Strategy?

What is Brand Strategy? You may be familiar with the concept but what does it really mean in practice? How does it apply to your business? Let’s start with the basics. A brand, according to Merriam-Webster’s…

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Is e-commerce website developer oakville

Is E-Commerce for Everyone?

Is E-Commerce For Your Business – What You Need to Know to Get Started When it comes to building your website, its design, user experience and features are key priorities. They will set the table for…

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