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SEO and User Engagement with Campanella McDonald LLP


Campanella McDonald LLP


November 2017


Online Advertising

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Campanella McDonald LLP (CMLLP) is a full-service, professional accounting firm focusing on small business owners, independent professionals, and real-estate investors. The firm’s partners provide clients with assurance, taxation, advisory, SR&ED, business valuations, wealth advisory, US tax and estate planning services.


User Engagement with Campanella McDonald LLP

Campanella McDonald LLP (CMLLP) and Cm2 Media have a professional and transparent working relationship. We have worked together on promoting their services through a clean web design and interactive landing pages. CMLLP came to us with the vision of making their website stand out from the traditional and focus on a new, clean landscape for their web development. In response, our team built their website to reflect their goals and services. We also created a homepage that is more accessible to new and potential clients of the firm.

Since November 2017, our team has seen a high increase of quality leads for CMLLP. This is due to the success of our Google AdWords campaign, which displayed the services and product listings from CMLLP to potential customers on Google. We also created an organic SEO campaign for CMLLP, which helped their business when it came to Google searches. Our team currently hosts and organizes CMLLP’s monthly Google AdWords and SEO, as well as create landing pages for each campaign and post two new blog posts on a weekly basis.

Cm2 Media is proud to be partnering with CMLLP as they continue to help small business owners, independent professionals, and real-estate investors.



Cm2 Media was responsible for the following:


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