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Monthly Digital Marketing Campaign


HW Advantage


December 2016


Online Advertising, Social Media, Web Design

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Burlington Digital Marketing Campaign for Harrison White/HW Advantage

Burlington Digital Marketing Campaign-HW-Advantage-Cm2-MediaCm2 Media was brought on by the HW Advantage team to design a customized Burlington Digital Marketing Campaign that generates new website visits, more customer leads and social media engagement. As part of this ongoing monthly Burlington Digital Marketing Campaign, Cm2 Media has crafted a campaign specific to the HW Advantage Teams needs.


Working hand in hand with the HW Advantage Team on a weekly basis allows us to develop a messaging strategy that performs across the marketing funnel. Driving leads through social media marketing (Facebook and LinkedIn) and increasing conversions through Email Marketing have been paramount to the success of this campaign. Organic search leads have also propelled new customers to engage with HW Advantage. The HW Advantage Team offers a unique approach to finding you the best mortgage in Burlington. They are not just looking to get you the best rate and close a deal fast. They are interested in your long-term strategy to help you with your financial goals. We can personally attest to the great care, time and effort that the HW Advantage Team will put into figuring out a strategy that works best for you! Whether you need a single mortgage for your own home, or buying and renting properties, HW Advantage will have a strategy that is right for you and your family!
Cm2 Media is responsible for the following with HW Advantage and this Burlington Digital Marketing Campaign:

If you are looking for a Burlington Digital Marketing Campaign:

Spending your dollars in the right place is important to us at Cm2 Media. Digital marketing can be a time consuming and confusing space to tackle on your own. We ensure that your money is spent where it should be. Contact us today for all of your website design, digital marketing, branding, graphic design, email marketing, social media marketing and video marketing needs. We take pride in building up your customer base and working hard for you!


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