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October 2016 - Ongoing

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E-mail Marketing with Ukrainian Credit Union

E-mail Marketing – Responsive Design – Fast Results

E-mail marketing is a fast, reliable and easy way to stay in touch with current customers, and to add new customers. Cm2 Media and the Ukrainian Credit Union have started a new email campaign designed to increase awareness of new products and promotions and to showcase all of the community events they partake in.

From the first meeting, to the first email launch, the Ukrainian Credit Union has been a pleasure to work with. There is no shortage of material to present in their emails. Cm2 Media has setup campaigns to run routinely throughout every month. The e-mails will be topical and promotional. Each month we produce an e-mail marketing newsletter, along with specific promotional e-blasts. Copy writing and responsive e-mail design are key to the success of any campaign. Tracking results is something we take great pride in to ensure we are on-target with our campaigns.

Cm2 Media is responsible for the following solutions for Ukrainian Credit Union:

  • Setup e-mail marketing topics and schedule
  • Copy writing for newsletter and promotional campaigns
  • E-mail responsive design
  • Analytical analysis of email success
  • Test and deploy
  • If you are looking for E-mail marketing for your business, or any other website, graphic design or digital marketing projects that will fit your budget, contact us today!