Mall Marketing – Tecumseh Mall Graphic Design for Winter Sale


Tecumseh Mall


January 2016

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Graphic Design, Online Advertising, Social Media, Social Media Contests

Tecumseh Mall Winter Sale

Mall Marketing – Tecumseh Mall Winter Sale Graphic Design

Tecumseh Mall in Windsor and CM2 Media continue to have an excellent working relationship. One of our recent projects with them involved developing the promotional materials and  digital marketing campaign for their Winter Sale . CM2 Media is responsible for handling the following parts of this project:


  • Graphic Design for Posters
  • Graphic Design for Door Decals
  • Graphic Design for Social Media Contest Artwork
  • Graphic Design for Digital Advertising Banners
  • Graphic Design for Digital Screens in Mall and WFCU Centre
  • Social Media Contest Execution
  • Social Media Contest Software Preparation and Analytics Tracking


This is just part of an ongoing relationship that helps Tecumseh Mall generate a larger audience through print and digital marketing.

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