Mill St and Co Website Edits


Mill St. & Co.


June 2016

Services Provided

Web Design

Website Edits for Mill St & Co.

Website Edits: Revamping the Mill St & Co. Website

CM2 Media is continually working together with the team at Mill St & Co. on revamping and improving their website. We were brought into this project to consult on how to make the site work consistently across all mobile devices and to improve the overall User Experience (UX). Improving the speed of the site and hosting performance were also key issues that needed to be addressed.
CM2 Media was responsible the following solutions for this project:
  • Consulting on website edits
  • Make all pages work with responsive CSS on all pages
  • Revamp the CSS on the blog pages
  • Redesign and implement new images and header graphics
  • Improve the website speed and performance
  • Improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the website
  • Implement consistent use of the CSS on the website edits
  • Website edits and DNS URL Structure changes


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