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Mill Street & Co
Mill Street & Co.Mill Street & Co. created growth through an intellectual allocation of capital and diversification of multiple companies throughout North America. Mill Street & Co. diverse group of North American companies employ over 1000 exceptional people who create value for each of these treasured institutions. Mill Street’s knowledge is constructed on a foundation within their insights, essays and recommended resources related to SMART Capital™. Their value comes from disciplined, intelligent investment and business management.

When Mill St & Co. requested Cm2 Media to build a new website which would communicate their business to potential and existing customers. We took the opportunity and created an excellent new tool for an already superb company.

Building this website design took some planning and execution from our team resulting in a very well thought out and user-friendly website. From creating custom graphic design, mobile web development, and a total site build we are proud to associate this project with Cm2 Media and Mill Street.

Here is what Cm2 Media handled for Mill Street & Co.:

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