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Peacock Administrative Services


November 2016

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Web Design

Paperless Bookkeeping One Page Website Design

One Page Website for Peacock Administrative Services

burlington-one-page-website-design-mobile-friendly-bookkeepingOne page websites are very common in today’s mobile friendly web design world especially for small businesses looking to get a website presence at an affordable budget. Peacock Administrative Services came to CM2 Media to get a one page website designed to fulfill their basic task of having an online presence to drive their customers to.

It was up to the team at CM2 Media to put together something that represented the goal of bringing Peacock Administrative Services new service of Paperless Bookkeeping live to the online browsing audience. Our team worked from the mobile layout first to ensure that the user experience was solid from the mobile to tablet and tablet to desktop. Photo selections were important, as well as making sure communication was easy to achieve.

CM2 Media handled all of these elements for Peacock Administrative Services new service of Paperless Bookkeeping.

  • Graphic design for one page website
  • Stock image selections
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly one page website layout
  • Google, Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools submissions
  • Custom contact forms
  • Landing pages for online marketing initiatives
  • Setup website from the ground up including hosting and URL management


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