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Roy Murad


February 2017

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Social Media, Web Design

Roy Murad Website and Social Media

Roy Murad is an entrepreneur that focuses on paying it forward. His business allows him to share his insights on achieving success in your life through a series of commentaries and video segments related to business, work-life balance, and achieving success in one’s life. When Roy came to us with the task to build a website that integrated a blog set up, online profile management, and Youtube integration; we were quick to jump at the opportunity to work with him.

Building a website that is right for you

With careful planning we were able to successfully build a website that encompassed all the needs of his business and deliver a finished product. At CM2 Media we focus on striving for perfection with our clients, we want to be able to give you a marketing tool that will help you and your business succeed.

Here is what Cm2 Media handled for Roy Murad:

  • Entrepreneur YouTube videos
  • Youtube integration
  • Full SEO content and marketing plan
  • Blogger outreach program
  • Online profile management
  • Blog setup
  • Responsive WordPress Website
  • Video Shoot
  • Video Marketing Campaign
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media content writing
  • Social Media content posting

Take a look at one of the videos we have produced for Roy Murad:

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